So Lucky

The girls are very lucky to have this dude as a dad. He not only loves and cares about these two girls but he’s also fun, funny, sweet, and approachable. He’s the kind of dad who looks forward to Jovie napping on him for hours or putting aside his own fun so that he can help M learn to ride her bike. Hugs and kisses from the girls are what makes him happy and even though he hates doo, he’ll go change Jovie’s poopie diapers.

When the girls grow up they’ll also realize that daddy’s a great person to talk to. He’s open minded, a great listener, not judgmental, and worldly. As long as it’s not underwear or PMS talk he’ll sit down with them and have a daughter and dad serious talk whenever they need him. They’ll know that they can be themselves, have their own thoughts and ideas, and not be afraid to share. Daddy’s not going to get angry (or get his feelings hurt) because they don’t share the same idea or the girls see things differently. As long as they have a valid and reasonable explanation he’ll listen and talk. He’s also not going to be upset either if one of them calls at 2 a.m. needing a ride because she’s had too much to drink. He’ll mumble and stumble trying to get dressed (half awake and all) but he’ll gladly pick his girl up. He’s been there done that, he knows what young adults go through. They’ll also one day know that dad knows a lot of useless knowledge… stuff that you don’t need to know on a day-to-day basis but great to have for social get togethers – he can join in on a lot of conversations or give people a good laugh or two with his info.

Hubby’s a great daddy. He’s strict but not at all scary. He can punish M but five minutes later they’d be hugging, tickling, laughing, and kissing again. M seriously adores him and I know these two will be close for the rest of their lives. Jovie’s still little but I think she will be too. Watching these three interact makes me very warm and fuzzy inside – reminds me of my grandpa and I.

Before I go into the details of the page I want to share my first iPhone app project for Clear and Simple Stamps. You can download this baby from iTunes! Here’s a sneakie peakie of it:

Golf Pro, CSS

Page details:

The page design came from Pencil Lines Sketch, sketch # 196, I’ve been wanting to use these pieces of paper, some Sassafrass and Cosmo Cricket, that I got from a Studio Calico and Dirty Dozens kit (no longer sells). I thought the paper and color combo would be a tad bit too much, bright and loud, but I think I kind of like it. I trimmed the owl and cloud from a 12×12 Sassafrass paper and added some more ink splatters — I really like my India ink and cheap calligraphy brush! The fonts are Making Memories and American Craft. I LOVE the MM little alphas. I got a bunch of them when they went on sale, three of each color, and wish I got more!! I like the Cosmo little alphas that I grabbed at Archivers before our move and the KaiserCraft ones but the MM are still my favorite!

So Lucky

Then I added this piece of fabric tag from K&Co. It’s an Amy Butler collection that I’ve had for a long time now. I did adhere the tag with glue but on the left I punched a hole with the Crop-A-Dile and tied a twine through it and on the right I did some folding and sewing. I am very “happy” with this little piece! I was going to just let it be. It was looking just fine but these brads were gawking at me and so I grabbed a couple and stuck one here and another on the top right of the page. You can’t see the hand writing on the bottom but it just said: “So VERY lucky to have this guy as your dad. Father’s day, 2010.”

So Lucky

Ok, that’s that for this morning… or now afternoon… does it take forever for you to write a blog post when you have a little kid around?

6 thoughts on “Lucky

  1. sassy cricket layout?!!! EXCELLENT….such a sweet pic and I have to tell you, your comment about underwear or PMS talk….cracked-me-up!

  2. oh my, yes! It takes me forever to write a blog post sometimes with everything that crops up in a days’ time. I’ll start post and won’t get it done until afternoon/evening.
    Love the page. Your girls are adorable and it’s so sweet to see photos of kids having so much fun with their daddies.
    I have some of those fabric tags too. I really need to dig them out and use them. They’re oldies but goodies.

  3. this is such a lovely sharing of tender moments of your gals and their dad 🙂

    I love the layout.. i dont think its too bright at all. Just nice to reflect happy and colourful moments.. Love all the buttons and the fabric sentiment! 😀

    I have to learn to piece things together. You do such wonderful work. Congrats on all your wins.. at the blog hop colour throwdown 😀

  4. What an awesome page! I love that photo! It’s nice to hear such sweet reflections on the girls’ daddy! And look at you, an iphone app all-star, you computer guru, genius, you!

  5. What a sweet page. Savitri, it takes forever to do everything when you have a little one, moreso little ones!

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