I Hate the Dogs

Sweet Baby

Especially when they poop on the carpet/rug. In Missouri it was my sea grass rug that they always go on when they got to go (it’s not often but it does happen). The house was all hardwood. Hubby HATED that thing but I insisted on moving it here and it’s now back under the dining table. So far hubby hasn’t said anything about it and the dogs haven’t poo/pee on it either.

Today I found doo but not on my rug. It was right next to the front door’s rug. I glared at them and none admitted.Both ran away though. They know not to mess with me when I’ve got my scary look.

So I got rid of the poo and started playing with Jovie on the bay window. We learned how to be gentle to the roses that are up there and to look out the window without smacking the glass. Then I felt the need to pinch Jovie’s butt. That was when I realized that it wasn’t dog poo on the front door rug. It was a Jovie poo. Somehow she managed to take her diaper off. When I asked her about it and scolded her she just looked at me and giggled. My scary look did not effect her one bit!!

Coincidentally I scrapped this page last night. There’s here at the edge of the window. Yes she might be a little poop machine but she is as sweet as can be. It’s really hard to discipline her. She’s a manipulative little thing. She even has a fake cry/sad look which I still hope to capture one day soon.

Page details:

I used the Color Room’s sketch and colors for this page, palette #14, and old pieces from my two old Scarlet Lime kits. The base of this page is Pink Paislee. I’ve added some stamping too, for example that little bee from WPlus9’s the Birds and the Bees set.

On the top right corner of the photo I just layered a few small pieces of embellishments. Luxe paper, Prima tape, American Craft ribbon, PTI button and baker’s twine from Annie42.

Sweet Baby

I did some fun journaling. Just little bits and pieces of Jovie’s sweetness. A few swirls and more writing. This is suppose to be a fun page so I didn’t want anything too serious.

Sweet Baby

This page started with the Dream Big stamp. This is the nice part about clear stamps: You can put it on top of the photo to see how it’ll look like layered. Plus you can use your eyes to make sure you’re stamping straight. I trimmed a few paper to make the right bottom corner of the picture interesting: American Craft paper, Luxe that’s been punched (Stampin’ Up!) and inked, and then I trimmed out the leaf from a Tinkering Ink 12×12 piece. The Embellishments are mostly stickers from Basic Grey and a little Cosmo Cricket rabbit. The blue flower an the orange tag came from Etsy.

I figured I didn’t have enough so I used more of WPlus9’s stamps above the long strip of more Basic Grey stickers. Last but not least were the title, American Craft with Cosmo Cricket, and Martha Stewart punch with Hero Arts rhinestones.

Sweet Baby

I hope your Monday’s fabulous. Don’t cook rice and blog at the same time or you’ll have a house smelling like smoke. It’s been about five hours now… Yes, it took me that long from the first line to the time I push submit. I blog in spurts!!

10 thoughts on “I Hate the Dogs

  1. Someone help me pick my jaw up off of the floor please!… my goodness this is just beautiful. It’s so airy and light, just as if I’m sitting right there at the window with Baby J! I adore this! And your poo story totally made my morning!!! Hilarious how we discover things like that! Lol… Here’s to being a Mommy. 😉

  2. This is just so gorgeous.. I love the way all the elements subtly blends together.. love blue flower, orange pleated lace, stamping at the corner, butterflies fluttering around, all without overcrowding.. Such a happy layout and Jovie looks adorable in this 🙂
    Yeah.. I have a g. retriever, who loves to poo on one particular rug which we put in the living hall upstairs.. when we are not looking, this little gal, sneaks up there to do her poo.. washed it couple of times.. now we just dont bother to put it out anymore… the one downstairs near the tv, our little friend quietly sits down.. munching the edges of the carpet (which I got from Pakistan.. yikes.. and found holes on my curtains as well.. we r just leaving it be till she outgrows her teething.. which seems like never lol

  3. What a yummy page! That photo of Jovie is precious! At first I thought the title meant that Jovie hated the dogs, from the look on her face! I see trouble ahead if she’s not affected by your scary face! ha! ha!

  4. Thanks for the chuckle (not in you layout but your story), and the inspiration (not in your story but your layout…) You know what I mean right?

  5. Such a cute layout and a a darling pic of Jovie!! I love the little bits of lace and ribbon you’ve used. and the blue flower is stunning 😉


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