Etsy Sunday: Tape

Ooh ooh, I am on Etsy again! Have you ever seen Lost in Space? Remember the scene where Robot said something like: “Danger, danger,  Will Robinson”? Well, if I have a robot that would be what it’ll be yelling at my husband. “Danger, danger Drew Wilder”. Ha!! I haven’t been buying much on Etsy, just a few bucks here and there, but my husband loves it too. He totally supports my Etsy love and whenever it’s present time he’d go on Etsy and find something that I’d love. He bought me an apron the last time and it was just PERFECT! It was yellow, designer fabric (funny thing is that I don’t remember who now although it might be Anna Maria’s), and french style. LOVE!

Today I got into looking at Japanese fabric tapes. You know I have a thing for cutesy Kawaii stuff and that’s what I was oogling at. Here are some I want to share… Imagine them on your projects… any projects!

Miso Soup: Ships from Japan, around $3 shipping and tape ranges from $4-$5/meter, around 3 feet.

Miso Soup on Etsy

Wan Wan Corner: Shipping is $2 (from Hong Kong) and the tape prices are really good from $2.20-$2.50 for 2 meters

Wan Wan Corner on Etsy

Apples an Eggs: One of my favorite store from all the ones I looked at today. Shipping from China is $3.50 and the tapes go for $2.20 to $3.20 per yard… or around a meter.


Kawaii Goodies: You HAVE to see what this store has! My favorite is the fabric tape below. I believe they are regular fabric that the store owner create tape from. Shipping is $2.40 from the U.S. and the price varies although no higher than $4.95. The length is as long as the fabric. Then there are other tapes too AND Bento boxes!! I’ve been making bento box lunches for M. I’m not good at it so so picture. Plus M’s been only into sandwiches and so the boxes gets old… little variety.

Kawaii Goodies on Etsy

Here are some Bento examples from Cute Obento. I want to be that good, ha ha!! So M doesn’t have the best Bento content but she’s got the best lunch boxes in school he he he… Bentween buying and gifts this girl has six Bento style lunch boxes I think.

Cute Obento Photos from Flickr

1. Seagull Bento, 2. Honda Super-cub Bento, 3. Three Pigges Bento, 4. Rainboot and Hydrangea Bento, 5. Peanut and apple Bento, 6. 3 Chickens Bento, 7. Anpanman&Shokupanman Bento, 8. 2 cookie cutters, 9. Fluffy Lamb Bento, 10. Bento for sports festival, 11. Corn dogs again!!, 12. Another angle, 13. Cheep,cheep!!

The above created using the Big Huge Labs Mosaic creator. FREE!

Last Etsy bit… do you like the baker’s twine that I’ve been using on a lot of things from projects to gift wrapping? If yes, Annie42 where I got it from has a dollar sale… or for $3.99 you can get 100 yards worth! I love mine and I want a huge red and white one for Christmas wrapping!! Shipping is only $1.68 ($2.99 for International) and the more you get the more worth it buying from Etsy is!

Baker's Twine Annie42 Etsy

Have a great Sunday and I can’t wait to play with some Japanese tapes and while I’m at it I might get a cute mold for M’s Bento {::SMILE}.

4 thoughts on “Etsy Sunday: Tape

  1. It always amazes me when people find cute stuff on Etsy, so cool! I luv the look of the tapes, and possibly for scrapbooking? yeah, i know 🙂 I’m working on my sec page today 🙂 (had to tell someone) anyhoot, I can’t wait to see what you make with them, they are cute! well, scott knows the robot wud most likely say Danger when I ask to go to Archivers and JCrew, oh yeah 🙂


  2. I totally just scooped up the last of Annie42’s twine. Thanks for the tip. I read your tweet about it yesterday & had forgotten to check it out. Thanks!

  3. Fun stuff! I love fabric tapes! Hey thanks for the link to Big Huge Labs… I need to make a mosaic and couldn’t remember that site’s name for the life of me!

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