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I was about M’s age when my family moved from Indonesia to the U.S. By the time hubby’s UK tour ends in 2014 M would have been my age when my family went back to Indonesia. I was young and I should have adapted but I never really felt like I was back “home” after our return. I’ve always wanted to go back to the U.S. and when the opportunity arise, I jumped on it. Then I got restless again. It’s not that I didn’t feel at home but it was more of me wanting to experience more. Somehow my wish was granted and here we are.

Emma loves it here. It’s quite surprising that she’s able to adapt so well. We had parents day at school the other evening and her teachers said they felt like M’s always been there. I asked M if she wants to go back to the U.S. and she said no. She wants to go to school here she said. I wonder if she’ll feel the same in a few years. Or, when we go back she’d feel the way I felt.

It hasn’t been a full three months for the whole family to be here but we feel very comfortable in our new environment. Of all of us I thought that hubby would be the one feeling a bit homesick but he’s not. He’s quite enjoying life in our new village. Ha ha, yes, we’re the village people now!

I was reading Tina’s blog the other day and she mentioned how America just didn’t feel like home anymore despite all the goodness it has to offer. I wonder if we’ll feel the same when we go back? The good part of all this is that we have the opportunity to live outside the U.S. after the military. I’d like that… actually I’d love that! I know Miss M would too and Jovie… well, she’s too little to have a say. Hubby… another surprise… he’s now open to the idea.

I don’t think you have to move to another country to feel this way. For example hubby doesn’t think Mississippi is home anymore. He still claims it as the place he grew up and came from but not where he’d want to go back to. It just doesn’t feel the same anymore each time he visits. This is great for me. I don’t mind visiting now and then but I’m a tad bit too liberal to live there. I don’t think this comes across in my blog but if you really know me I can have a big (sarcastic) mouth.

Have you been in my situation? Where do you feel like “home”?

We have a few years to decide what we want to do next and hubby still has at least 8 more years in the Air Force. If we can have it our way we’d love it if we’re overseas until he’s done. Germany, Italy, Japan, Turkey, or extend our stay here. In the meantime we’re going to enjoy every minute of our time in the UK and we hope the next place will be as exciting!!

The card…

I’ve been making boy cards! URGH! Decided that Savitri doesn’t like doing boy cards. Just not as fun. Very little frills, limited on the ribbon and embellishment usage, etc. I told hubby I’m not taking anymore boy/man card orders. He said I couldn’t just tell people I only do girl cards. Well, I think I can. If I don’t enjoy the process there’s no point for me doing it. I do have to thank Sarah Martina for helping me “fix” my sewing machine. It was bunching up all the time and she told me to clean it. I don’t know if blowing = cleaning but that’s all I did. I blew on the bottom where the little bobbin’s at and it works again. Whoohoo!!! Thanks, Sarah!!


Cardstock: Stampin’ Up!
Pattern paper: American Craft
Stamps: Practicing Creativity, Clear and Simple Alpha Block II, and WPlus9 Hooked on You
Accessories: American Craft chipboard, Annie42 (Etsy) twine, sewing machine

8 thoughts on “Home

  1. I love your card.. And I loved reading your post. Never settled abroad so I wouldn’t know what it feels. But I sure have traveled well within my country and I think every city/town has been a learning experience for me!


  2. Well this is fabulous, so I think you definitely do boy cards! Love the happy paper and the kite and clouds!

    Glad to hear you’re all adjusting so well, and M too! It makes me curious to go watch her in school there and see how it’s different from the US schools. I think it’s fabby that you can travel and experience new places. I think if everyone in the whole world did that, they’d all be a little more open-minded and accepting of others.

  3. I love the card… simple but sunny and cheery card.. you always have a nice touch to it.. the kite and clouds.. lovely.

    I have travelled for work and have always been fascinated at the thought of livng abroad. I have travelled to work to Pakistan for a year and a half.. happy days… great colleagues and good travelling time. I love Australia and New Zealand too.. love the air, 4 seasons and just embracing the different culture.

    I love your writing style.. shud consider writing a book 🙂

  4. I’m the exact opposite, I have a very hard time adding frills and using pink, etc. for little girls! I agree with Annie, you should right a book. Very well said!

  5. Savitri: I’ll have to thank you and Sarah as I have this same problem with my sewing machine and will have to try the suggestions.

    I love making boy cards, I love colors and I think you did a great job with this one.

  6. Woohoo! It’s fixed! 🙂 Awesome.

    *sigh* I’d love to live outside of the US, but hubby would prob say negative. Lol…we’re pretty close to our families, so it would be tough to leave that behind.

    You and your cards are always a day brightener…boy, girl, frilly, not frilly… I love ’em all! 🙂

  7. well, I’ve never had that ‘privilege’ to stay abroad, so I couldn’t comment on that but it would have been lovely, I guess. To be able to experience living abroad. Good to hear that M is adapting well 🙂 That’s a huge plus.

    We recently went to Aust to visit my aunt & travel around… love it to bits. Kinda hope we can just move there and stay…. haha

    About the card… It’s gorgeous as always and yeah, I can understand what you mean by boy cards…. we can’t add too much frills in case they look girly, no? and that kinda takes a lot of fun out of it… hehe

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