Two Matching Presents

Sketch Books

We’ll be out and about taking M to two birthday parties. One is for a boy in her class — he’s getting Legos — and another one for two sweet little girls who are a year above M. At first I thought of getting something on base for them, something “American” (like Tootsie Rolls — kidding — although our British friend said it’s not for sale in the UK), but then I figured something homemade would be more appropriate since one of the little girl is the daughter of the lady who did M’s face painting last weekend and also a painting for her room. Because it’s a double party I couldn’t just make one and give the other girl something else so I did two. I hope they like it. It’s more of a sketch book but if they want to use it as a notebook then by all means.

Project Details:

The size of this book is 4.25×5.5. The front and back base, the tan hard card board type piece, were leftovers from a paper pack and the pattern paper that I used were all My Little Shoebox. For the pages, I just used five pieces of cardstock (the WalMart ones) and divided it into four. To bind I used the Bind-It-All and a 3/4″ wire. I started out with a 1/2″ but it was just too tight. Good thing I could re-do it!!

What do you think of the ink blotches? I’ve been wanting to do it for a long long time. I’ve seen in done by many of my favorite scrapbook gals (which many are mix media artists to begin with). This isn’t something new but I’ve seen it done quite a bit lately. I asked my friend, the girl’s mom, where I can buy calligraphy/India ink and she said Tindall in Newmarket. Last Wednesday I got the chance to go there and as she said, it is a lovely store. I found different types of ink and in different colors too. Since I’m new to this I just bought the cheapest ones, Windsor & Newton) in two colors and a calligraphy brush. LOVE!! My only suggestion is to do it outside or over a sink. I did it on my desk at first and who knows what else still has ink spots. I’m not sure if I did it right… I was too lazy to find a tutorial… but I just dab the tip of my brush and flicked it pretty hard. Imagine doing a Harry Potter wand move! The ink are easy to work with as long as you really mean it when you whip your wand… I mean brush.

Sketch Book

This was the second one I did and I like the result of the ink better. I got some practice in between the top and bottom. I am looking forward to trying this on a few pages and some cards!!

Sketch Book

The rest of the project is pretty easy, paper trimming, layering and border punching. I love the cute stickers that I got from Borders, adds a bit of Kawaii to the books!

Sketch Book

For the name, when I got to the end I realized that I don’t have anymore “e”. The above was already done and so I removed the “a” from above, picked a different alpha and stuck it to a heart for size. Somtimes you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

Sketch Book

After I was done I went an extra step and created name tags for the gift wrap. The alpa is from Clear and Simple Stamps (Alpha Block II) and the tag top is Waltzingmouse (from the Nestie friendly line for labels #10). The yellow paper is just tissue paper and the twine is baker’s twine from Etsy, Annie42.

Sketch Book

I really like how  these presents turned out and I hope the kids find them cute and useful. Take care and to all my fellow Americans, happy fourth!!!

11 thoughts on “Two Matching Presents

  1. These are sooooo beautiful! I am truly inspired… hopefully I will someday (in maybe a few years) reach your level of creativity!!


  2. These are amazingly fantastic Savitri! All of the details…those girls better love them. I’d have to convince myself they would treasure them…otherwise I wouldn’t be able to part with them. LOL

    Oh, and you know I LOVE the pink ink spatters!!

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