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The weather here has been quite interesting but it’s FINALLY summer in the UK! It’s been in the mid to high 70s here (23-25C), just GORGEOUS!! It was a bit odd when a few weekends ago I had the heater turned on!! The last few days the girls have been having a great time playing outside in their new swimming pool (I think it was the last in store from around 20 miles!) — or paddle pool M said.

This is our first year not celebrating the 4th of July like we usually do: BBQ and lots of fireworks. It’ll be quiet this time around with just working around the house and two birthday parties to go to for Miss M. Speaking of, she is sleeping in the living room with a little friend. It’s her FIRST sleepover!! Her friend has been here since after school and by evening time she still didn’t want to go home so hubby walked over to her house (next door really) and asked if the little friend can just stay the night. It’s not a new idea but it was just a night sooner {::SMILE}.

Here’s a little card for today. Pretty CAS. A bit of ribbon, brads, twine, button, and beads. I used fabric glue to adhere the beads. For the brads, first I placed the ribbon where I want it and marked the sides with a pencil, just lightly. Then I used a Crop-a-Dile to punch the holes. The lines were then erased. There’s no hole on the ribbon itself, I just worked the brad in between the thread.

Have a great one and if you’re celebrating the 4th with fireworks do be careful! I almost got hit by one. An accident of course but it’s still in my mind. I was preggo too with Miss M. Kind of scary!

Before I go I’ll share two pics of the girls…

Jovie Swimming

Jovie was grunting and mumbling while I took this photo. I translated it to more less, “Seriously mom, can you JUST put that black box down? I REALLY want to go in the pool!!! If only I can get my knee over this thing I’d be in there with sister!!” Yes, I am a terrible mother when it comes to photos. Photos first kids’ wants second ha ha!  I was too lazy to put Jovie’s swimming suit on. Plus it was the back porch and there’s a brick wall surrounding it. Who’s going to see? Plus, she’s a baby {::SMILE}. The pants she’s wearing are swimming underpants. Jovie wears cloth diapers so it’s only appropriate if she also wears cloth swimming under-roos too. If you’re interested this one she’s wearing is by Kushie. Keep in mind that swim diapers doesn’t hold pee. It holds poo. This thing fits Jovie very well. She hasn’t doo in it yet but I am 100% sure no doo will come out! If you’re also interested in her cloth diapers we use gDiapers with cloth inserts and Gro-Baby. I love them although hubby couldn’t care less although he’s probably more a tree hugger than I am, ha!

Miss M

Here’s our beautiful girl. She gets more and more grown-up each time I see/talk to her. She also knows which photo of hers is good/bad. This is M’s blog sharing choice. A lot of things are baby-ish to her now too. Aaaah… I miss those tutus and tap-tap shoes (it’s what she calls fancy play shoes) days. I told her to quite growing up on me. But each time she always said no. I told Jovie the same thing. She seems to be more obedient in this department. It’s probably why she’s not walking, talking, or growing. I know one shouldn’t compare but M was such an early bird in all department. Oh, Jovie REFUSES to sign. She only does milk when she’s desperate and sleep sometimes. Here and there she’d do change but she’s no M for sure who signed like crazy. Oh well. Jovie does talk but to most they just sound like noises where M was clear.


Cardstock: Stampin’ Up!
Stamp: Papertrey Ink
Accessories: SU brads, Rhonna Farrer buttons, Olive Manna twine, and Walmart beads
Ink: SU

7 thoughts on “FINALLY Summer!

  1. this card is just so lovely, and so neatly done :D. I love the simplicity with detail and thought. I love how you managed the brad so nicely 😀

    The pics are just gorgeous. wow you gal is so pretty, like mummy. Summer.. I wish we have 4 seasons, that would be fun coz i love the changing season, so much of colours it adds to life.. tropics here all the time 😀

  2. Ok… first… I think I wanna case this card. 🙂 LOVE the layout! I’ll let ya know when the post goes live.

    Second, I thought the exact same thing when I saw that pic of M! My goodness how grown up she’s becoming. Completely gorgeous! Tell DH to load up that shotgun to scare the boys off with! Lol!

    And lastly, I’m always snapping pics when I should be helping my kids eat their ice cream, or helping them wipe paint off of their faces, so I feel ya on getting that “perfect” shot, lol! Oh… and babies don’t need swimsuits unless you just want them to look cute for a photo-op or something, lol! They like to be free anyway. 😉 Great post!

  3. Your post title gave me a violent reactions: Summer already?! I’ve been sweating my a** off! haaaaa! But glad it’s warming up there for you!

    Your card is super sweet! That flower is so striking in white on the red!

    Great photos of the girls too! You’re right, gasp, M does look more grown up in that photo!! She has a little lady look about her! Maybe it’s the fine British culture!

  4. That is exactly what everyone has been saying about summer here too! Crazy weather! Your card is beautiful- of course!! And your girls are so sweet! I hope I get to meet them in REAL LIFE before too long! Hugs!!

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