Sweet India!!

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Today is release day at WPlus9 and Dawn has two AWESOME stamps, Mehndi Medallion and Hooked on You,  at $13/ea. YES!!! This month I received my DT package late (gotta love APO shipping!) and wasn’t able to participate in the countdown or even the roundup for today but while Jovie is napping (still is) I got a chance to make this. I love this Medallion set. It’s a very versatile set and it’s a bit Bohemian or India or Eastern or Exotic or whatever you want to call it. I think this is going to be my new favorite!!

Visit Dawn’s blog too and see what the other DTs have done!

On the Wilder front, we’ve got some not so sweet news. There’s nobody moving to our home in Missouri today. Due to internal family issues they decided to break the lease. We’re quite bummed but we’re still confident that something good will come along. The property management company did find the previous family a few days after the house was advertised so we’re thinking positive!! The only thing I’m pissy about is our $173 electric bill. Whoever showed the house last cranked up the AC and didn’t turn it back down. Nice, huh?

Well, our chickens are clucking. I need to find out which. We got them last week and they’re other not all laying eggs or they’re still stressed out. One or a few are day layers and hubby wants to find out who’s laying what. Did I share our hen’s names? They are Dirty Harriette, Big Mama, Angel and That. You probably can guess which of us named which chicken {::SMILES}. Laters!


Cardstock: Stampin’ Up!
Stamps: Mehndi Medallion WPlus9
Ink: Stampin’ Up!
Accessories: Martha Stewart ribbon, some button, and Olive Manna twine
Sketch: 2Skethes4You Laura’s sketch #55

18 thoughts on “Sweet India!!

  1. Beautiful! I love what you did with the sketch! I’ll have to check out Dawn’s stamps! Looking so cute! Hoping for the best with your house situation. That stinks, but it’s probably for the best that the broke it now, than somewhere in the middle.

  2. I love love your gorgeous card and love the stamp set.. was gonna click to get it, but says it doesnt deliver to my place hmm…
    Chicks are gorgeous, arent they.. we used to rear them, when I was little, but you know, being Asian, everything is functional.. they are food, yikes.. lol.. no wonder we dont have a habit of naming them 🙂

  3. Hello, my love! This is exquisite! Sorry you got your goodies late, but that, apparently, didn’t slow down your creative FABULOLUSNESS! What a darling card – I’m nearly dizzy from it’s beauty! Wahooo!

    {Sorry about your tenants, though! The one’s who are meant to be will find you! xo!}

  4. oooh, cute cute cute! I luv it, luv the colors too! See, u got yer mojo back 🙂 so yeah, sorry to hear about yer non-existent tenants, bummer really, for the both of ya. But like you said, something better will come along!

    Take it easy,
    -C 🙂

  5. Oh squeel! Seriously wonderful Savitri! I really love the color combo as well. Can I add it to the store samples???

    So sorry about the tenants, and I hope their internal conflict wasn’t anything too serious.

    Oh, and I’ve opened shipping up to include all international orders. I will announce it on the blog tomorrow.

  6. This is one fabulous card. It looks so rich!
    Sorry to hear about your renters. My in-laws suggested we keep a house in the States to rent out (they did the same for years with great success), but I was afraid it would be a little too stressful for us to deal with. I’m sure you guys will find the perfect renters soon!

  7. Girl this card is GORGEOUS!!! I just love every inch of it! I have had the headaches of renters myself and I know how tough it can be…but everything happens for a reason don’t forget! It will all work out beautifully…just like your card! Have a great weekend!

  8. Wow!! An India-themed stamp… this is soooo cool! Makes me proud to be an Indian 🙂

    Sorry I haven’t been visiting too often… just been tied up!!

  9. pssttt…..this Mehndi Medallion is what enabled me to buy the set:) thanks for the fabbie inspiration and I hope you don’t mind if I do a smidge of case’ing:)

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