Sweet News!

We’re landlords!! Yes we did want to sell our house and we probably could since it was only aggressively for sale for a few months (and the summer is still young) but we didn’t want to wait. Although we’re not going into the poor house or digging into our savings it’s no fun to have two house payments! So at this point either get a buyer or a renter. Sometimes you got to do what you got to do, right?

A few days after it was put up for rent our property managers found us a family which seems wonderful. Our neighbor met them and he said we got really lucky. Let us hope so since they are on lease for three years! Their request. We’re quite happy about this and really do hope that they’re wonderful as our neighbor and property manager say they are.

I am a big believer in everything is meant to be for a reason. It’s probably not our time to sell and maybe there’s something to learn from all this. My only hope is that it doesn’t mean we have to go back to Missouri when all this traveling fun is done. We love our house, we built it and it’s what M remembers as our American home, and the people in our town was great but you all know I HATE the tornadoes!! My hubby HATES it when it’s just windy out and I’d go: “Is it tornadic, is it tornadic, is it tornadic?” I was so glad we moved when we did because we heard that the weather’s been terrible there! Plus, M said she doesn’t want to go back to America. She said she loves it here, ha! I think she’s a little traveler like me. I don’t think she’ll stay in one place for very long like her mama (although like M I really do love it here too). Maybe in a few years we can try selling it again but for now, we’ll see what it’s like to have people renting our home.

To our oh so colorful home (if you’re wondering, yes our living room’s bright. I had to wear sunglasses the first few days after I painted it. We loved it though after we adjusted!):

Living Room

5 thoughts on “Sweet News!

  1. Your house looks lovely. I love the colours too.. bright and soft at the dining area. Looks very modern and stylish. ANd i love the simplicity. Thanks for sharing your inner world 😀
    yeah .. we have two houses too.. one is mine, the other my hubby.. and thinking for a long time to sell one off.. but here people do it for investment.:)

  2. Oh WOW! Your house is BEAUTIFUL!! Look at that diner table!!! I love it! I saw a similar design in the magazine and I’m dreaming of building something like that when I have my own house. I can look at the picture whole day!

  3. You are SUCH a hoot! I love THOSE happy colors! Makes me feel like I could live in a Dr. Seuss book! hee hee Congrats on the LANDLORD status!

  4. Beautiful house!! Now how can you have such a flawless looking living room and little eating nook when having a young child!!! Ours – nothing matches and I wish everything is made out of plastic because my boy wrecks everything….it’s insane to think I could actually decorate this place…

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