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I’ve been a bad… actually terrible blogger lately. The last few months crafting and blogging (mostly the blog visiting, commenting and replying to comments/emails) has been one of my many “was gonna” items. Clouds mentioned in her comment that it all comes down to priorities. True! But I think on my part it also comes down to motivation.

It’s kind of surprising. I really did think that staying at home will give me tons of time to be on the computer, to do what a wonderful blogger would do, but no. Jovie is always wanting attention (and I love giving her all that she needs) and when she naps I have a house full of chores that I need to do. I got to do my end of the deal around the house, right? By the time night time comes around, Jovie’s finally sleeps at 10-ish (even if we get to the crib at 8:30/9p), I’m just pooped. I do want to craft and share my work the next day but that’s about it. My poor Google Reader is always maxed out and when I do get to commenting it’ll be a handful of people at the most each day.

Due to my lack of blog hopping and commenting I want to especially thank those who are still stopping by to comment and to those who are still subscribed to my blog. I just checked my Feedburner and I was, still am, surprised that I have subscribers. You all must still not have anything much to do than to read my posts, ha! Speaking of, I’ve gotten emails on how to subscribe to my blog. I guess it’s not obvious. The easiest way is to click on the elephant’s butt that’s on the top right of my blog. It’s above the search text box. The direct link is here. I’ll put it in my imma gonna do list of things to update on this blog of mine.

Also, last night took a bit of time to browse my blog and I found that while I see a lot of improvements in my scrapbooking my card making has kind of gone down hill. Granted the last few months I’ve been on limited supplies and I’ve just recently have access to all my craft goodness I feel like I’m not improving in the card making department – just been kind of static. I think I still make decent ones but nothing out of ordinary where in the past I sometimes surprise myself. Maybe this is due to my lack of blog hopping?

Anyhow, the above is my attempt to do better at my card making abilities. A little bit of stamping, a little bit of pattern paper and a little bit of tools. If you’re curious about the stripe ribbon I used fabric glue (FabriTac is my favorite, lots at WalMart or any craft store — the best and I’ve tried a few) to adhere each pleated parts and to adhere the ribbon onto the paper. To strengthen the hold I used a stapler. There are two staples under the brown twill ribbon. You’ve probably noticed that I use a lot of pattern paper for my solid stamps. This is because I can’t color that well and this method guarantees good results for me.

Have a great one!!


Cardstock: Stampin’ Up!
Ribbon: SEI stripes and Martha Stewart twill
Pattern paper: My Little Shoebox and Crate paper
Stamps: Practicing Creativity
Tools: Scor-It, Martha Stewart border punch, FabricTac glue, dimensionals, ATG, and Tonic guillotine trimmer

6 thoughts on “The Bad Blogger

  1. you would be amazed at how many daily readers you have. Some folks honestly just read and go .. weird but hey you must be doing something right .. LOVE this card .. I think your cards are great .. but like you said you can always expand more and more on your creativity ..

    good on you


  2. OOoh, fantabulous card! Savitri’s in the house! And don’t be so hard on yourself, silly girl! You had a baby, moved half way around the world to a foreign country, taking care of 2 kids now, adjusting to a new life,…I’m amazed you get done what you get done! When I get stressed, my husband’s always reminding me “It’s supposed to be fun! And if it’s not, then stop!” That’s when I always so, “Oh no, it’s fun!” lol!

  3. Wow!!! And you say your cardmaking has come downhill????? Gulp!! People like me should stop crafting altogether then!! ha ha…

  4. the card is just lovely. I love the hot air balloons.. they are really something arent.. was just about to make one too 😀
    I love the way you overlap ribbons.. just gorgeous.

    I do love your cards.. and scrapbook pages. Like you, I am always trying to learn and improve my work, but time to time.. when I think I hv a breakthrough, I stagnate again, .. I hv to relearn, and learn newer things and techniques 🙂

  5. Yeah, yer right, motivation is key too, but u seems like u got a lot with Jovie. About the card making deal, well i think yer cards have changed style, but i dunn think it’s gone down hill, yer to hard on yerself, hehe. Cute card, the stripped ribbon is a good pick for the card, luving the hot air balloons, see? 🙂 And yes, I come by yer blong only because I have a ton of time these two wks, lol, nah, i’ll always come by yer blog! Not sure what to say about not having time and being toast by all the mommy duties, hmm…but thanx for reminding me that although babies are fun and cute, they require a lot of time 🙂

    Hang in there!

  6. well, you rocked this card sista…I love it! I love popping over here…not just for your craftiness but for your stories {they always crack me up because you’re so blunt and honest..I’m sure the hubster loves you for that..LOL} and your photog….being a sahm is hard work…

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