Gimp Tutorial

Want to learn how I did the below in Gimp? Gimp is a free Photoshop like application. I posted a tutorial at the Hybrid Chick’s blog. Come check it out!! Oh, I think the video’s messed up — kind of — just some pixels in certain areas. It’s my first one on the Mac… will get better!

Photo frame

Yes, short and sweet tonight… I need to get to my Was Gonna stuff before Jovie’s 2 a.m. wake up. Do you know of anybody who sleeps in their kid’s crib? If not, you now know one! How many weeks now since we put her crib up? Come on, Jovie, you can do it! I am still sore from sleeping with her all night last night. I got suckered cause she’s been sick. Suckered by a 1-yr-old. Pathetic, huh?!?!


PS: I was gonna scrapbook the above but obviously never got to it. Ok, back to my was gonnas!!!

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