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Sometimes I think my husband is the most pain in the ass person in the world. Especially when it comes to pointing out my faults or lack of something (mostly cleaning ability). First of all I have this bad habit of saying “was gonna” instead of “was going to”. It’s kind of like “dunno” instead of “don’t know”. I do that quite a bit too. But anyhoot, I have this (bad) habit of saying I was gonna do this or was gonna do that but never finish or just never get to it. I’d leave things stacked (neatly) somewhere because I was gonna do something with them but something else came up (most likely Jovie) and I’d forgot or just decided to put it off until later (which if not monitored can be to infinity and beyond). A few weeks ago I got the “was gonna” lecture. He rattled off all the was gonna stuff that I had everywhere and although annoyed I couldn’t help laughing my ass off because he was so funny about it. Aaaah… nobody’s perfect, right?

So I was gonna do a lot of stuff but like everything else what I was gonna, or still gonna do, are piled (somewhat neatly) on or around my desk. I have no craft to share but I thought I’d share some over the weekend pics with you…

I told you we went to one of the Queen’s private homes, right? The one we went to was Sandringham Estate. This place was HUGE!! So huge that we got lost at the picnic area!! It’s a 600 acres park or to me it was more like a U.S. National Forest. I did learn a few things from that experience… never let a guy lead the group to go to the shops. Guys just don’t have the natural shop-dars (shop radars) that us women have. If we had followed his daughter’s lead we’d have been there and back in an hour. Instead it was 2-3 hrs later we were back. We got to the shop’s parking lot twice on our way to our picnic area. The good part was that we all had a great walk. My pants felt a lot looser after (HA!!). The next thing I learned was that when you got technology use it. We had smart phones but did we use the GPS to mark our location? Noooooo!!!! Overall though we did have a blast. Great laughs for sure!!

We only stayed at the park that day. We’d need a whole day to really enjoy the house, museum and garden. So we’ll go next time. Maybe we’ll camp if it’s nice the next time we go!

Remember the no disposable post I did? Well, no disposables that day! Have you ever gone to a picnic with a 1-yr-old? It was hard to keep Jovie from stepping or crawling on the food!


Miss M with her overexposed ice-cream. Not too many people look good in front of a super wide angle lens but M still looks adorable. A bit distorted but adorable.

Miss M

See, it’s not always gloomy in England!!! Gorgeous blue sky! The wall back in the distance is the Queen’s home’s wall. To the left is the ticket office and entrance. The area I was at was the shopping area: ice cream, souvenirs, restaurants, toilets, etc.

Blue Sky

Hubby with our neighbor friend. The Volkswagon camper van is a vintage. It’s pretty neat!! My husband’s the better looking one {::SMILE}.


A rare photo of me… smiling too!


Here’s an example of the main road we were on. This is a decent size!

The road

At the end of the day… as always Jovie was trying to wiggle away cause mom was just too far from her. But here’s to the best dad for the girls!!


That’s that!

Speaking of was gonna… I was gonna publish this Tuesday at maybe noon-ish. But things happened and now I’m just about gonna do it. TTFN!!

10 thoughts on “Was Gonna

  1. These photos are REALLY nice. I SO feel your pain on your main topic. There aren’t enough hours in the day, and you though some little kids into the mix and it’s a wonder you can even dress yourself! Let alone, tap into the creative magic that you are KNOWN for! Tell husband to take it easy on you – you’re a ROCK STAR, doesn’t he KNOW that?

    I’m glad you got to enjoy such a lovely day! What a terrific share!

  2. cracking.up .. next time to add to it say “Imma get to it” LOLOL ..

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos they are gawjuss .. I need to get off the arse and get out more too like you are doing I love hearing about your adventures

  3. Hiya sweet Savatiri:)…sorry I havent visit as often as I liked but things are a bit hectic with the upcoming events of our daughters Wedding!!!!!

    I do love your gorgeous photos the colour tones are fab!!!!…looks like your having a ball here!!!!

    I am always gonna something and never do !!!!I dunno it must just be creature habits with me …ha ha…..
    Always a pleasure to catch up my `friend`

    Have a fabulous week:)xxx

  4. This is too funny – “I’m gonna get to it” is my mantra. My hubby gets sooooo frustrated with me. I come by it genetically – my mom is the exact same way!

    Your day looks like it was a lot of fun. I am so digging that VW camper!

  5. yeah, i hear ya, “was gunna” do this and that, but i guess it comes down to priorities, ya know? like Scott wants me to get a job, and i was gunna look for a job but what the hell, F**k it, lol, after all, he did agree to be my sugar daddy, rite 🙂 (if he only heard me saying this, i wud get a lecture too!) anyhoot, nice pics, looks like it was a nice time. speaking of taking pics, well you know me and the idea of pics of me, well me and scott got into hiking now and i like taking pics of that, very cool places. Amazing, i’ve lived in CO for so many yrs and up until now i get to be “outdoorsy”, well, Boulder grows on ya, and ya know all the hippies and outdoorsy addicts are all over the place, but it’s a good thing and i’m learning to embrace it…ok, how did i get into my shpill here? weird, oh well, take it easy i guess. haven’t seen ya on Fb lately! (chat i mean)


  6. I totally get you ^^ Maybe I should get that shirt “I never finish anyth” 😉 Lovely photos btw and funny writing, thanks for the chuckle! Best wishes from New Zealand (not for loooong anymore, yeehah)

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