Father’s Day Weekend

Father's Day Card

The girls have an awesome dad. Emma knows it and Jovie will too (M ADORES her daddy!!). Although hubby can be strict he’s not scary, he’s very fair, and he is a VERY fun and funny guy. Even after he puts M in time out they’d be laughing and giggling again soon after. It’s so so nice! One day they’ll also know that their dad is great to talk to… except about PMS and bras. The girls are lucky and I think the verse above is perfect for their father’s day card. If they don’t end up being like him they’d be trying to find mates who are like him. The girls’ relationship with their dad is something extra special for me because it’s not something I experienced and so it bring me extra warm and fuzzies each time I see them interact, snuggle, get comfort, giggle, and laugh.

Now, if you’re behind on making your father’s day card… or just need a masculine card, hop on over to the hybrid chick’s blog at TDC and I have a challenge there for you… with prize and all!! You have about a week to complete it. Just leave a comment at the TDC blog and I’ll pick a winner next week.

Tomorrow we’re going to have a picnic with some friends. We’re going to Sandringham Estate. It’s one of the Queen’s homes and our friend said the garden is beautiful. We’re looking forward to the time and hoping for nice weather. Today it’s a bit odd. It’ll rain one minute and then it’ll be sunny again. Then it’ll be cold and then sun. Then it’ll rain again. Just totally weird! I turned the heat on last night again. I know, right? Heat in mid-June!!!

Have a great father’s day weekend everybody!!! I know we will with one of THE best dad {::SMILES}.


Cardstock: Stampin’ Up!
Stamps: CSS Golf Pro and WPlus9 Woodgrain Silhouette
Digital Kit: No. 1 Dad by Karla Dudley
Accessories: Buttons, jute twine from Olive Manna and baker’s twine from Annie 42.
Software: Photoshop CS4

12 thoughts on “Father’s Day Weekend

  1. Love this card! It’s clean & crisp 🙂
    Hope you have a fun time out…… and whoa…. heater in June? Is it really that cold up there? I wouldn’t know since I’m near the equator but oh, do share 🙂

    Take care 🙂

  2. This is one gorgeous card. I love the CAS. Simple but so much of thought. I love the way the you play the sentiment and buttons. Awesome concept and wonderful…

    Hope you and family have a fantastic celebration!!

  3. Ok, so I was totally going to leave my comment above until *holy guacamole!* I saw this AWESOME card!!! Wow!! Love, love, love this!! I can totally sympathize with getting suckered in by little ones, though I’m sure I would break the crib if I climbed in there! LOL! Hopefully she slept better last night? Oh, and yes, poooor you, for having to pick from soooo many cool markets! LOL!!! The place we found down in the city is one street back from the main shopping street with tons of local artists and designers plus several markets too. It’s a three minute walk from the King’s Gardens which are BEAUTIFUL! But the house is so quiet and you totally would not believe that you are in the center of town!

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