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I don’t own a weight scale. I have these pants that I use to gauge whether or not I’ve exceeded my weight limit. So far these pants still fit me although they’re probably 1/8″ a bit too tight. Which means I need to start working out again. It’s probably a good thing I don’t own a scale. I’d probably be on it ALL the time. Before and after #2 (I might even do it after #1 if my bladder was really full). Before and after a shower — wet and dry. Each time I did a few push-ups or after I get back from taking M to school — we walk ya know (hubby said: Yes, like two blocks!). I’d weigh myself too much — each time I pass by it — if we own a scale. The crazy part is that I might just remove all that’s on me if the scale got a bit high… maybe by 2 oz… so that it can show me what I want to see: 105lbs (about 47.5-48 kilo). A lot of people think I’m a nut case cause I get freaked out about getting big. But I eat A LOT. Clouds know. She’s amazed ha ha!! I’m just afraid that one day I’d wake up and poof.

Hubby always rolls his eyes when after I start working out I’d yell out the next day: I LOST TWO POUNDS!!! I do. It’s weird. I can loose a couple of pounds the first two days of working out and then I won’t loose anymore.

Before I thought that working from home would be the shit. I did it a few days here and there at my Missouri job. It was nice. Dropped the kids off, made my coffee and I’d sit on the couch with my laptop… or on the table if I have to do a lot of mouse work. I’d have lunch and that’s it. Now that I work from home part-time, not only do I have J Therese (it’s rarely Jovie now because she’s always into trouble. Jovia Therese got too long and so now it’s J Therese + mean voice + mean look each time she comes near the dogs’ water bowl or the steps) I also have the refrigerator and pantry. The damn British cookies are going to kill me. The tea and coffee too. Oh, I found these double cream at the grocery store and a bit of it with my coffee is DIVINE!!! I am the French press coffee goddess now because of the cream. The best part… it’s 48% fat per so many milli liter… which I have no idea what that friggin means. The 48% doesn’t seem good though but my taste buds say YES YES YES, MORE MORE MORE! It’s terrible when each time I get up I feel like I need to make a stop in the kitchen… and not to clean. I am going to gain 10 cookie + cream pounds and be diabetic (I like a bit of sugar in my drinks) by new year if I don’t control myself and not start working out. Do I get a lot done? No. That’s why I stay up late… with late night snacks and tea.

While I am only off by 1/8″, more less, I am going to start the P90x program again. All my computers are working now and I just need to shove a few things aside so that I can have some leg room. I still think the guy is annoying and I really don’t like yoga but I’m going to do it again!

Page details:

I made this page using WPlus9’s colors: aqua, orange, green brown. Great colors and I was glad I could incorporate them into a page! I used a VERY old Scarlet Lime kit… Nov.’08. The sketch is Pencil Lines #189.

Color Cue 5

Before I get to the details, I know a few of you card makers commented about wanting to start scrapbooking. A lot of the challenge it seems is the area. The 12×12 seems daunting. Well there are a few ways to get over this. Start with a mini. I’ve cut a 12×12 cardboard into six pieces to create a 12-6×4 page mini. Minis are fun and it’s making me want to do one or two now!

You can do a smaller book, like 6×6 or 8×8. I like the 8×8 better. Just a bit more room by the time you put a photo in there (usually 4×6 or smaller for me). Last, go with the 12×12 and pick a smaller area to work on like I did here. Technically I was only working on about an 8×8 area which also gives the page some nice white (or polka dots) space.

I know you have many photos. Pick one or two up that inspires you and scrapbook!

For the below I just layers a few things on the bottom right. Except for the stamped image (WPlus9 Woodgrain Silhouette) everything came from Scarlet Lime. My mom actually showed me how to make those flowers a few years ago when she came to visit and I hope to make some of my own here soon!!

Bay Window

When adhering things like buttons or plastic shapes I like to use glue dots or Scotch permanent tape (foam/regular double sided tape). For example the butterfly is too small for tape so I used the small glue dot for it. The button is a wider area and on it I used the foam tape. Stock up when you see these essentials on sale!!

Bay Window

I love pattern papers where I can cut out. Like the leaves and butterfly. These types of paper make great and inexpensive embellishments. A lot of them are on sale too because if you look at the whole page they kind of look a bit much… or even ugly… but once trimmed out, they’re perfect! You can embellish them with all sorts of stuff. Buttons with some thread/twine/jute are my favorite.

Bay Window

One last thing… colors are fun but it can take away one’s attention from the photograph. To avoid this try b/w photos on colorful paper and embellishments. Not only will you have colors but your photo(s) will still stand out!

Have a great day and do join WPlus9’s challenge for some great fun and prize!!

9 thoughts on “Another Color Cue!

  1. This is SO fun, Sivitri! It’s like a menagerie of tiny treasures and joy. Your ADORABLE girl. Those spectacular colors…. Ahhhhh. Just a LOT of fabulousness here. Mmmmmm. Never mind your weight spazziness. You’re like a one woman show… HILARIOUS!

  2. Great page :D..thanks for the tips on scrapbooking and stocking up. I never really thought of it yet (no kids 🙁 ).. till now maybe a smaller version of travels and family still :).
    I am a little oversize.. so weight scale is not a prob to me… I just dont get on it.:D
    Thanks again for your beautiful sharings… 🙂

  3. Wow! Another gorgeous layout, you’ve so inspired me! I just dig those green leaves and cluster of details on the bottom right hand side!

  4. Thanks for the advice, dearie 🙂
    Super appreciate it 🙂
    I love mini albums… made a couple but it’s the large 12×12 that scares me… LOL

  5. So pretty! This layout seriously makes me want to scrapbook, and I am SO behind on that, it seems overwhelming now! But I think I might drag the pics out and make a page soon! Thanks for the inspiration!
    And My shorts/jeans have been a little tighter lately. So I too have been trying to work out and not eat so much junk….but Dang it’s hard! I haven’t had to worry about weight in a loonnng time! 🙁

  6. Girl, you are cracking me up! I’ll send you my weight scale, I avoid it like the plague! bwaahaaahaa! LOVE your page, those bold dots look wonderful surrounding M!

  7. Great layout!! Love the big polka dots! I don’t own a weight scale either, I let the mirror and my jeans do the job. And I think I have a certain feeling of whether I’m slimmer or whether I need to watch my eating/moving habits a bit more. You only weigh 48kg??? OMG. How tall are you? I think the last time I weighed something under 50kg was when I was maybe 15?? I weigh about 60kg now and am 1,68 m tall, so that’s pretty much average. I’ve never been a dainty kind of girl, so maybe that’s the clue…?

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