M + My FREE iMac!!

Me: M, Jovie looks more like daddy and you look more like me. Is that ok? Or you’d rather look like daddy?
M: I like looking more like you.
Me: Yeah?
M: Yeah. Daddy has little hair. That’s why Jovie has little hair and she’s one (if you can only hear M’s serious voice in this no hair fact). I like my hair.
Me: Ha ha ha ha…

Here’s a photo of my funky kid (with her oh so gorgeous hair). In her jammies and one of my discount sun glasses (she said she doesn’t like the photo).


Then here’s my FREE iMac:


Isn’t she beautiful?!?!?

Why free? Well remember my dead Mac? If you’ve been reading my blog you know it’s not the first time that it died. I had to take it in a year ago to get the power supply replaced. I guess it wasn’t it. I mean it was part of it but even after the service my computer would temporarily die and I’d take it in before the warranty was up — coincidentally the Mac would just completely die before the end of the warranty. Even though my Apple Care warranty was no longer in effect the part warranty was. Basically each time the computer’s brought in and something got fixed there’s a three months warranty to the part and work. When I took the computer to Cambridge a couple weeks ago it was still under that part and work warranty — I took it to the Mac store right before the movers took the computer in April cause it died on me again. This time they couldn’t fix my dead computer — well they could but it wouldn’t guarantee long life and by the time it was done it wouldn’t be worth it since it’s a 2006 machine — and before I made a peep the guy offered me a new one to replace it. The main reason for the generous offer was that he decided that the issue should have been resolved a year ago. Taking it in every so many months for the same problem was not acceptable.

I  couldn’t believe what he said but I was obviously very happy about the news. I felt like I just won the lottery. After I hung up I ran outside to tell hubby the news. I think the whole block heard ha ha ha…

Saturday we went to Cambridge to do the swap and when I left the store with a new iMac I thought I was dreaming. When I woke up Sunday and saw this baby on my desk I had to give it a huge big smile.

I’ve always heard about Apple’s great warranty and how much they stand behind their products but this is the first time I experience the real meaning of it. Thanks Apple and this piece of machine will help me quite a bit in my next phase of professional life! Because of this hubby’s switching over to an Apple, esp. after calling Dell’s tech support and being transferred all over the place for 69 minutes.

5 thoughts on “M + My FREE iMac!!

  1. awww.. your M is super cute. She sure knows how to make mummy happy. She is so pretty.
    Wow.. yeah.. its like winning a lottery… super news!

  2. Lol….I had a good laugh!! M is such an adorable gal! And look at her! I LOVE her hair! I wish my hair look like hers though! Wow…their service is tip top!

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