No Disposables?

Last weekend we went to a BBQ. Lovely BBQ, weather and company. There was one little interesting bit at the BBQ… there was no paper plates/cups and no plastic utensils. They had real silverware, dinnerware and glasses. We never got to asking them if it’s a British thing or if they just wanted a formal type of BBQ.

Today we went to a town event. A duck race — you know, those rubber and numbered ducks — and they had games, food and drinks. Except for the paper napkins there were real tea cups, saucers and even the kids’ drinks were in real drinking glasses. There were probably a good couple hundred of people there.

Now I really need to know. Is it just that the UK is overly green or it’s not a proper thing to have paper/plastic eating utensils? I don’t want to invite our British friends over and serve them with paper and plastic if it’s just plain rude. The good thing is that we brought our party dinner, silver, and glassware sets. We have a 24 people place settings!! I got them some while back. Hubby likes inviting his troop (I think that’s what they’re called) who can’t go home over for the holidays and since I don’t like pot luck type of events at our home (I think potlucks are only for BBQs… it’s just a Savitri thing) I got the sets. Also, there’s also something about a formal holiday dinner don’t you think? Especially for those who lives in the dorms. A proper meal!! Any comments on this from my British friends/readers?

I have a card to share too:

Golf Pro, CSS

I used 2S4Y’s sketch and the Golf Pro stamp set by Clear and Simple Stamps. The card’s fairly simple. I used white chalk ink for the background and sentiment. I found some ribbons and thought they’d look good on this card. The image behind the blue golf ball is by Lauren Reid: The Way We Used to Be.

Alright, have a great weekend everybody! Until next time!!!

12 thoughts on “No Disposables?

  1. Hi Savatiri!!!!!

    We def do plastics here…
    no sure about everyone else????

    anyways plastic are safer ,and more convenient!!!

    Lovin your card!!!
    sounds lik you had a fun dayxxx

  2. Hi Savitri!!
    Lovely card! Like the blue!
    Your post made me smile a bit. I’m Belgian (not British) and I truly never had a BBQ on paper plates. I believe it is just not custom in Europe. I wouldn’t call it rude, but some people might think it is just not proper tableware. I personally wouldn’t be bothered by it 😉
    Lots of dishes afterwards, that’s for sure 🙂

  3. Love your card…. but erm, can’t help you with the tableware question… am not British & have not been to that part of the world 😛

    Hope you figure it out and have lotsa fun, though 🙂

  4. super fun – love the golf ball!
    Mmmm. I am from South Africa and for the most part we do not do plastic. In fact we are camping right now in the Colorado mountains with SA friends and this whole weekend was plastic free 🙂 Maybe it is a preference thing
    I am sure they will enjoy the company and food not matter what the utensil 🙂
    Thanks for joining us at 2S4Y this week
    🙂 Kazan

  5. I love reading your blog, it makes me laugh!! I’m british, live in Bristol and have lots of bbq’s. It depends on numbers attending, but I prefer proper plates because paper/plastic ones tend to bend a bit. I do think it’s a british thing tho, maybe it’s because we have the whole recycling thing rammed down our throats all the time! Cx

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