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It is so much easier to be “green” living in the UK. We don’t have to drive 40 miles to recycle our glass or go to different places, the base and in town, for other types of recycling. In the US it was only when we went to Whole Foods that I felt like the most not green person when we didn’t bring our grocery bag. But here 90% of the people bring their own bags and I think most of the time it was those shopping after work who came without.

The trash service is also very recycle friendly. Trash is picked up every week but it rotates, one week trash and the next recycled goodies (paper, #2 plastic, cardboard, compost, etc.). I think bottles you still have to take it somewhere but for us, it’s just around the corner. Also the neat part is that on boxes/container it tells consumers what’s recyclable or not. So it doesn’t take a recycle genius to figure out of the meat container can be recycled or not. The only thing not recycled here are plastic bags but the base takes these hubby said.

The food is better too but I’ll save that for another post.

I know that it’s starting to pick up in the U.S. but it’s still patchy. Also, people are still not as educated or motivated. For example hubby was the recycle guy at work. He got his department or unit or whatever you call it in the military going on recycling and he’d yell at somebody (my husband isn’t shy about yelling at somebody if there’s a good reason for it – there’s a few good stories here) or give him/her a good lecture if it’s their first time not recycling the soda can. Anyhow, when he went on vacation for a month the recycling stopped. A few people still did it but nobody got motivated to take the full bag of cans out. When I left my university job the recycling program was just coming in. I think it was six or so months but it was limited to paper, cans, and plastic bottles.

I am hoping that in a few years everybody would consciously recycle for the good of our world. I want my kids to have trees, don’t you?!?!

Last night I got to scrapbooking. This is my second one since I’ve been here (I’ll show you the first in a few days). I think I’m going to try and catch up on doing pages for a bit and do a few cards for DT work here and there. I love card making but there’s something about scrapbooking that makes me happy. Maybe cause I get to see a special face or remember a special memory when I work on a page.

I also want to use up a lot of my kits and I can only do that when I scrapbook.

Page details:

I used Pencil Lines sketch, #190, for this page. I am a loyalist when it comes to challenges. I only participate in so many because of time. For scrapbooking Pencil Lines is my #1 sketch site. Kind of like 2S4Y is my #1 for card sketches.

For added fun I added the butterfly and the path right before I took the photo. If you look at the whole page, there’s a little birdie on the bottom right corner. The birdie and butterfly came from WPlus9’s new set: The Birds and the Bees.


The black ribbon under and the flocked tape (DCWV) are two separate items. This strip covered an ugly gap between the photo above it and the My Little Shoebox paper under it. I got some Martha Stewart tags on base a few weeks ago and adhere some American Craft felt on top of it. Then I found some more American Craft stuff (the flower with the rhinestone center) and adhered that to the button. The date tag is Crate Paper.


I added some glitter to the air balloon. I love this Practicing Creativity set!


The photo was post processed in Photoshop. Don’t ask me what I did. I do need to start recording them that’s for sure!! Next time. I’ve just been messing around trying to get the feel I want.

Ok, that’s it!

13 thoughts on “Being Green

  1. Fantastic layout, I love all your elements. I also enjoyed reading about your thoughts on scrapbooking, that happens for me too and I really need to start doing that.

  2. Oooh….I love this and will add Pencil Lines to the ‘ole google reader…

    Washington state is very green…we have all that stuff that you mentioned…maybe you all need to eventually settle in the Seattle area…now that would be fun:)

  3. Wow! Amazing page!! Your sb-ing blows me away! Interesting about the recycling! Dallas makes it so easy, we are spoiled here!

  4. I Love Love your scrapbooking page. Though it follows a sketch… it feels free and open.. i think because of the cloud, birds and hot air balloons. Love the photos. She looks gorgeous and happy. Love the birdie and the heart that you onto the balloons too.

    Recycling is still so new in Malaysia. We still have very bad practises on a lot of things. Take away food is another culprit.. coz a lot of them use styrofoam packaging.. sigh.. My Rotary club we do conduct some awareness programme on environmental care and recycling.

  5. wow, what a beautiful page!! i love your layout…beautiful colors!! europe does feel a bit more green…i felt that while living in germany!!:) enjoy and have fun…

  6. I just bellowed OUT LOUD! {Shhhhh! Family SLEEPING!} This is THAT kind of L/O! So much fun, I HAD to shout! You “green” goddess! This rocks!

  7. Hi Savatiri:)

    Hey dont you apologise for not popping by!!!I totally understand !!!!I havent been as efficent at blogging myself lately!!!(so sorry from my part)
    You LO is as gorgeous as alwyas….
    so full of `Inspiration`…TFS:)

    seems like you are settling in well….
    Hope your all well…
    Have a lovely weekend:)x

  8. Looks like UK is really a good place to live in! Love reading your post coz I learned so much from you! Great layout as always! It’s fresh and full of fun elements!

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