Photographing My Cards

Natural studio

There is sun in the UK, folks!! I just had to say this since I’ve heard people say that it’s just dreary here with no sun at times. I mean it’s no sunny Missouri (when it’s not raining) or Southern France even but there is sun light in the daytime. Maybe it’s new to me or maybe I’m just a shady kind of gal but I like it. It’s good for my skin tone… tell you more later…

When the girls and I saw the house for the first time the one thing that really got me excited was this bay window. Natural light, baby!! The above was how I set up my little “studio” for all my cards since I’ve been in the UK. For the above setting the end result looked like this post here.

Here’s another card that I took with the above setup courtesy of Miss M:

Emma's Card

I made the flower for her but she did everything else herself. This was a birthday card for one of her classmates.

Emma's Card

Both cards used WPlus9‘s stamps. Ok, isn’t my kid good at trimming or what?

Photography is about light and even if you get or make one of those mini light kits the lightings are usually from the sides and some are also from the top and/or front. So if you can find a window/area that can give you this type of lighting shoot your cards there! The nice thing about my window is that it faces the south-west so it gets nice smooth light for most of the day.

In the evening I do get some direct evening sun which I can use to shoot pictures like this (picture is grainy due to Photoshop post-processing). See how the sun light highlight M’s shoulders:

M Looking at Her Scrapbook

She’s such an awesome model… and loves her scrapbooks that I made her too {::SMILES}.

9 thoughts on “Photographing My Cards

  1. check out your chicklet…such darling cards and LOVE the b/w photo of her…excellent!

    I think I need to breakdown and just buy light kit…I don’t have the time or patience to make one:)

  2. M: Just wanted to let you know that your cards are adorable! I’m sure your classmate loved the birthday card.

    Savitri: Love the black and white photo of M!

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