How We’re Settling…

I lost track of time. I just realized that it’s the first of May. Is this what happens when you’re not working or just feeling like you’re still on vacation? If you’re lost like me, it’s the first peeps and it’s new release time for WPlus9’s new sets: Kisses and Cuddles and Design Basics: Backgrounds I. Last night I made this with the two sets:

Wplus9 May Release

They’re VERY nice baby and background sets. I told you that WPlus9’s acrylic’s is top notch. They stamp REALLY well. There’s no need to treat the stamps before using and your images are always crispy clean. It’s wonderful!! Check out the store and see the whole full sets of the May release and more! A few other things that I love on the card is the ribbon and the dark chocolate paper. The ribbon’s an Etsy find: Willy Nilly and the paper is Clear and Simple Stamp’s: Dirt Brown. If you’re looking for a rich dark brown paper this one is it. I think it’s darker than SU’s or PTI’s. The ribbon… Remember I have a thing for Melissa Phillip’s crinkled ribbons, right? So I went on Etsy and did some looking. I found the place she bought from but I wanted to see what else is out there. I came upon Willy Nilly and her ribbons are a tad bit less than MemrieMare. I did though order from both, same colors, and they’re both almost identical. Next time though I want to try doing this myself. I have a few none crinkled rayon ribbons and need to just figure out how to crinkle and dye.

My cards have been pretty basic since the movers took the last bit of our stuff because we have about two more weeks until we see our 10,000 pounds of goodness. I miss my corner rounder, my die-cuts, my inks (it sucks to be using just 6 colors when you know you have tons others), etc. We all miss our couch, cooking + baking gadgets, beds, and toys.

But, besides missing worldly goodness we couldn’t be happier. We’re together and we’re in a new and beautiful place. Emma’s first week of school went wonderfully and both girls have been on UK time since the day we arrived – no jet lag issues. I think Jovie is getting spoiled though from being home with us all the time. We’ve had all sorts of appointments/errands at the base and she’ll go everywhere we go. She’s been falling asleep on dad and having access to me 24/7 almost. M loves it too. She gets an extra hour of sleep every morning since we don’t have to walk to school until 5 minutes before the bell rings and there’s a playground between our house and the school. Everyday the whole family’s been dropping and picking Miss M up. It’s been very nice and when I asked M the other day this question: Emma, do you rather mom works so that mom can buy you pretty things often or you rather I stay home to walk you to and from school but no pretty things? Emma: I rather you stay home. I already have a lot of clothes and pretty things. I don’t need anything else. Plus I wear a uniform now.

Ha. So that’s that. I do though have a job in mind which I’ll share soon enough. You all can probably guess what it is. I am though very glad that I can still teach online and be in two stamp design teams. They keep me busy in a very good way since I’ve been here. I know a lot of people get depressed after leaving their full-time job to be a mom and so far I’m not even close to that. I have set up a routine yet so things are still crazy here but I think after all our belongings are here and in place I can be more focused on what I want to do besides taking care of the kids and crafting. I think it’s important to be a mom and to stay home with them but I want to do something for me too. It’s what makes me happy and I’ve always been good at managing work and family so I want to continue being a working woman but now while staying at home.

Today I want to also share this photo. It was taken from around the corner. Like I said, even though we live like squatters we have each other and our gorgeous new home/village:


We really do love it here!!

6 thoughts on “How We’re Settling…

  1. ooh, what a cute card, I did see the stamps at WPlus9, they are awesome looking. it must be really nice to live abroad, it seems like you are settling in just fine! Luving the pics too!

    Clouds 😀

  2. I so enjoy your posts and its wonderful to hear that you are going to be able to balance your life the way you want to! And I do have to agree that Wplu9 stamps are lovely!

  3. Love the card! It’s so sweet! 🙂
    Glad to hear that you’re settling well in UK 🙂 Well, I would miss all my scrapbooking stuff too, if I have to pack some of them up…

    Am still thinking what I should or should not bring on my trip. Am going off to Melb for a bit and of course, I want to make cards when I’m there too… what should I bring? 😛

  4. Another sweet card! I love the new set! So sweet of M, saying she would rather have you home! God has really Blessed me with being able to be a SAHM! I love it and I understand that you need to have “your” time too! I have to have the same! Kids grow up SO fast! My kids are now 12 and 9 and it has flown by! 🙁

  5. It just melts my heart when kids say stuff like that. If only they knew how much joy those fleeting words actually bring us. 😉

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