Shark Teeth M

Well, Savitri got sick of moving and even though it’s past 1 a.m. I am happily watching Law & Order on Netflix while stamping.

Today, Saturday, was a great day. The girls and I went to Kansas City to meet up with the very talented Dawn Mcvey. I invited her for Dim Sum at Bo Ling’s. Bo Ling’s pretty well known, so well known that there are multiple locations in the area. Anyhoot, we made plans and we agreed on meeting at the Overland Park location at noon. A few minutes past noon my phone rang and it was Dawn on the other end. I thought she was running late or something but we had a good chuckle when we found out that we were at two different restaurants… both in Overland Park. Ha!! But all was fine when she popped in to the one us girls were at.

What’s with the shark teeth title? Well, check out this photo:

Miss Emma and Dawn Mcvey

Dawn looks great like always but M could not smile “normal” for me. She’s been into showing me her toothless smile. She got two more teeth pulled a couple days ago and she’s proud of them AND the $20 she got from the tooth fairy. Here’s my take on her $20 loot… the tooth fairy had lunch and used all her $1 bills for tip and when she got to M, after midnight, all she got left was $20. I told M that the fairy’s going to be broke the next time around, ha!

Emma was so funny… we went to the bathroom and before we came back to our seat she said: Can you take my picture with Miss Dawn?

M LOVES Dawn. You should have seen her snuggle up next to Dawn after lunch. Jovie on the other hand didn’t want to do anything with Dawn. From across the table Jovie would smile and giggle at Dawn but when Dawn held her hands out to hold Jovie, Jovie did the cry face. Jovie’s (M was the same way) just not into strangers.

Dawn was so sweet, she brought us some goodies. If you follow her blog do you remember this post about the cupcakes? She got us some and goodness, they are good! So good that I think we’re going to swing by that place before we fly out he he…

I also want to share a little card… a little Dawn set…

Thank You

Thanks Dawn for the gifties and for meeting us. We had a fun time!!! We all hope we can see you again… in England maybe {::SMILE}.

Last, I’ll share the Dim Sum cart that kept passing us today…

Dim Sum cart


Cardstock: Clear and Simple Stamps
Stamp set: Delightful Dahlia, PTI
Pattern paper: Green boutique, PTI, Danielle Engebretson: A Grand New Day, the DigiChick, and sheet note from an old music book
Accessories: Button, PTI and ribbon, PTI
Tool: EK Succes border punch

6 thoughts on “Shark Teeth M

  1. I can’t believe you got to meet Dawn. (I was guessing she was the one who was coming to W’burg for the weekend, but then realized she was in Australia at the time.) On the flip side, Dawn was pretty lucky to meet you and your daughters too! Hope your last week in the ‘burg is a good one — the trees are blossoming just for you!

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