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Well, Clouds left and here we are just relaxing at home. Even though there’s a whole house to clean I really don’t care to do anything. I am going to call the cleaning folks and let them do it. I am pooped with the house and I just want to focus on work and hanging out with the family while waiting for our flight date to the UK.

Anyhoot… it’s kind of late posting but here’s my card for the PTI blog hop. The challenge for this month is to use buttons. I used one. Does it count? {::SMILE}.


63 thoughts on “PTI Blog Hop

  1. Of course one button counts, sweetie! I know just how pooped you are, lol, I feel the same way!! It’s a sweet card, and I think the button for the O is a great idea!!

  2. well you already know i think the card looks great, hehe 🙂 The pic, awesome, I really need to get one of them fancy cameras like yers, hehe! I had fun crafting with ya!

    Clouds 😀

  3. Oh Savitri I *love* it!! Can’t get over what you’ve done with ‘In Bloom’ – I’m so going to have to try that!! And so, so clever to have the button replace the letter ‘O’ in your sentiment! All round perfect card!!

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