God IS High Tech + Video

At least according to Miss Emma… here’s how that came about:

M: Mommy, do people in heaven work?
Me: No, they don’t go to work like we do, they work on other things because in heaven people don’t have bodies. It’s more like going to school than working when you’re in heaven.
M: Do they eat?
Me: No, they don’t eat. People are like Casper in heaven. Remember, when the ghosts ate? The food didn’t get digested. But you don’t get hungry. You’re just full all the time in heaven.
M: Oooh. Do people talk in heaven?
Me: Yes, but with their minds.
M: How do you talk with your minds?
Me: It’s called telepathic. In heaven people talks that way and they’ll just understand each other.
M: Mommy, can you ask God why people don’t work in heaven?
Me: Hmmm, I’m not sure how I can ask him that and get an answer.
M: Why don’t you email him? I’m sure he has a computer because we have a computer.
Me: (hmmm, she does have a point, ha!)

So, does anybody know God’s email address? {::SMILE}

Ok, I think I am going to paint our UK living room this color:

Living Room

Whatcha think? I love the touch of pink but I’m not sure hubby would like it. I am talking paint now because the landlord of the house we’re looking at getting is going to let us paint. He said he likes bright colors — it’ll make the rooms brighter he thinks. I’ll share more info on the house later… once everything is settled. I can’t wait because things are driving me nuts right now. There are just a lot of little details to go through between now and the 22nd. After the 22nd I’d be able to breath better and just arrange for our airline tickets!

Oh, I want to share this little video of Jovie too. It’s super short but REALLY cute (or at least her mama thinks so):


13 thoughts on “God IS High Tech + Video

  1. Both of your girls are gorgeous AND smart! Love the video… I LOVE the wall color. I wonder where I could put that in my house… we usually stick to bright neutrals since we don’t have the high ceilings, lighter colors are better. It’s a gorgeous color, tho!

  2. Love the blue and the decor. It’s really pretty and sweet 🙂
    Do share stories of UK soon….
    but rest first and get crafty soon.
    Take care, sweetie 🙂

  3. That M is sooo funny…I love that paint colors…what’s the matter with a couple pops of pink…the hubster wouldn’t mind:) Jovie is sooo cute…happy friday sista!

  4. hehe, I like’s M’s idea of thinking, it’s the 21st century, god should have an email addy, hehe. How cute, Jovie saying oh-oh, so cute!

    DO, paint yer living room that colors, I luv it!

    Clouds 🙂

  5. A couple of weeks ago I painted my office a similar color. It’s official name is Palladium Blue by Benjamin Moore. I’m liking it 🙂

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