Digi {W}Plus{9} Other Stuff…

Funky Flowers DigiKit

FINALLY I have some time, energy, and motivation to make something! It has almost been a week since I made something!!! Have you checked out Wplus9’s store lately? Dawn’s adding some pretty digital paper, an Easter digital stamp, and a Funky Flower digikit. For this page I used a lot of what’s in her Funky Flower digikit and some other stuff by Kasia Designs at Shabby Pickle (I think this Dandelion kit retired already). If you haven’t checked Dawn’s new stuff out, you should!!

The other stuff… I told you about the movers, right? Well the next few weeks I’ll also be busy with family, some travels <– I’ll tell you about this later, AND a visit from one AWESOME blog friend! Hmmm… should I tell?!?!?! She’s flying in the 23rd and will stay for a few days in my no furniture home, ha! We will be slumber partying it he he he… Here’s another funny party… she invited herself over. I love it! Well, I think I should keep it a secret on who it is… makes it more suspenseful, no? {::SMILE}

I think that’s it. I am pooped. I need to go to bed. Jovie is finally going back to her normal schedule again. I do need to find a crib through the next few weeks unless she gets use to the play pen. She doesn’t co-sleep very well. She’d wake up every other hour compare to every four hours or longer when in a crib and she snuggles up to me too which equals to me having a sore body each morning. Laters!

9 thoughts on “Digi {W}Plus{9} Other Stuff…

  1. This layout is soo gorgeous, Savitri! Thanks for all the inspiration!! I’ve won these digital kits the other day, but I’ve never done digital or hybrid before.

  2. Woot Woot!!! I’m telling you, the most exciting thing is seeing what you do with scrap layouts. I am completely horrible at it, so I bow down to your greatness! ;o)


    That really all I can say about your AMAZING and limitless talent, Savitri! This is some mind-blowing scrappy/digi/crafty goodness…. AMAZING!!!

    1. Wondering if it would be too obvious if I (ever so innocently) just happened by your house on March 23rd!?!?!?! I’m very curious about who your guess will be!

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