My Cutie-Pie

I went to WalMart today and goodness, everybody who saw Jovie had to stop, smile, and tell us how adorable she was. The little shrimp knew that she was the center of attention too because she gave everybody a little smile. It was so cute and of course I was oh so proud of her. M was with me and I told her that she’s cute too and that when she was a baby people did the same thing when we were out and about — except M got money. Yes, people would give me a buck or two cause she was so adorable. They said it’s for her college fund or treat or something. So far nobody’s given Jovie any cash yet he he he…

The other day I submitted Jovie’s picture to Parent’s magazine. There are already TONS of submissions so the chance of Jovie getting picked is slim to none but hey, why not right? You never know if you don’t try… kind of like getting published in a card/scrapbook magazine. I just want a free trip to NY ha ha ha… look at me, exploiting my kid at an early age, ha ha!

I made another card for Moxie Fab, a thank you card this time. Another simple one, just paper on top of each other.

Thank You

I used more things than usual on one card. Let me see…. Digital paper by Kristin Cronin-Barrow, All About Him, from Sweet Shoppe Designs, PTI stamps, Hero Arts stamp, Melody Ross borders ribbon, button, Pink Paislee pixies, and pearls.

I hope the photo looks ok. I don’t have my computer yet. iMac at the Mac store and my work laptop is with the IS folks. So far I am surviving but it’s tough to be on a 5-yr-old laptop when you use apps that uses up a lot of power. Oh well, a few more days, a few more days!

Have a great one folks, till later!

11 thoughts on “My Cutie-Pie

  1. You should be proud of those adorable kids you made! I love seeing the photos you share of your kids. they are really cute!
    I remember when my oldest son was a baby people used to tell us he looked like he should be in a Baby Gap ad because he was so darn cute. When my daughter was a baby I’ve had people audibly gasp when i brought her into the room. So yeah, I often wondered what would have happened if we would have entered them into a beautiful baby contest.
    Love the card! I need to make some Moxie Fab cards too.
    geesh. Sorry I’m so chatty tonight. My family is all asleep and I’m wide awake from caffeine overdose.

  2. This is uber cute! Love the soft colors and all the polka dots! That is crazy that people gave you money for M being so cute, I’ve never heard of that! You are certainly good at making cute babies…and making money at it apparently!

  3. This is a gorgeous card!! Love it! I love the diary up above as well! Good luck with the pic submission!! Thanks for visiting me and leaving me some love! Everytime I come to your blog… I love what I see… I am going to save you in my blog list so I will make sure to visit you more often! 🙂

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