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Aaah, that name always brings a smile to my face – and it’s not cause I’m a huge fan. There’s a story to this… back in the days when I was still married to my ex Billy Joel came to Boise, Idaho to do a little show. Him and our friends got really excited and bought tickets. Well since I was the wife they got me tickets too. I don’t go to concerts much and so it was exciting for me and even though I was not a huge fan I grew up listening to him so I was cool about going out to see him live. The day of the concert came. We all got there early. We weren’t far from the door I remember and did some random chit-chats. Somehow we got to talking about the concert and here was me in my little (too excited) voice saying more less: “Oh, my favorite song is Uptown Girl (and I did a little sing and dance move)”. Everybody stopped and looked at me. I did the left-right eye-balls move. I thought “What?” Then I saw a smile, then a big grin, and some laughs. I was still confused and started to feel that something was not right. I said, “What?” And somebody said something of this sort, “Uhm, Savitri, we’re not going to a Billy Joel concert. We’re going to a Billy Idol concert.” I think my jaw dropped. I was pretty embarressed. I wasn’t very quiet about loving Uptown Girl either. I wondered how many people heard. YIKES! I can’t remember what my ex did. I think he continued to laugh at me. URGH!!!!! I had a good time but I think I only one or two songs and none was Uptown Girl!!!

So I told my dear husband. He couldn’t believe it and like everybody else he laughed at me. He still does every time a Billy Joel/Idol song comes on. He’d go: “Want to see a Billy Joel concert?” or “Was that Billy Joel?” when he knew it was Billy Idol. URGH!!!!!

So that’s that.

Tonight I made a card. It’s thinking of you just because card. I’m doing another Moxie Fab challenge and came up with this:

Just because

Have you seen the movie Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler? It’s M’s favorite now and I saw the above color combo in one of the hotel lobby scene: A splash of yellow on black and white. I really like this color combo, it’s bold but at the same time there’s some classic elegance to it.

So that’s it for tonight. I haven’t shared a crazy Savitri story in awhile. My husband sometimes wonder if I have a touch of blond underneath my hair (for sure now and then I got a touch of white hair! Funny thing is that my ex always wonder out loud about this blond thing too, maybe I do?). Now, this blond thing I don’t get either. I need to Google to see where the idea of dumb blonds came from. I know a lot of smart blonds. Laters!

11 thoughts on “Billy Joel

  1. ROFL @ you knowing a lot of smart blondes… that really cracks me up…lol! You’re a hoot! So glad you shared another crazy story! 🙂

    And your card… I love it from tip top to the bottom! LOVE it!!!!

  2. Okay, you crack me up sista…I have my ear phones on while listening to my ipod and literally LOL’d when I read about your billy joel story…probably woke up my kidlets…they’re probably shrieking right now…you woke me up Mom! that’s okay, still have the ear phones in…muwahahah…anyways, I love your crazy savitri stories…billy joel and billy idol couldn’t be more different…

    I love your card…I love yellow but don’t tend to work with it much…your card is definitely coolio classic.

    btw, talking about concerts…one of my first was U2…we were up in BC and I was dead tired..I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again..I can fall sleep anywhere…yup, fell asleep during the concert…

    have a great weekend girlie!!!

  3. Savitri, yer crazy, hehe. Yer story is too damn funny! Funny thing is, I can totally see myself doing the same thing 🙂 Lovely card-the yellow really pops out, funny thing is that I’ve seen Bedtime Stories cuz I like Adam Sandler, hehe. Cute!

  4. Love the story and the card. I was LOL-ing, and then thought what was my first concert? Oh yeah, New Kids On The Block. Oh geez.

  5. I’m a brunette. I used to work in hotel technology, and supported hotels around the world w/ their computer systems. Got to really know some of these people, since I often spoke to them in the middle of the night, etc. Well, my boss and I went to Manhattan to sell something to one of our hotels, and when the Front Office Manager met me she practically shrieked “You’re not blonde!!!”

    My boss practically wet himself laughing. Mostly because I am the most logical, smart, yet still funny and goofy person he’d ever met. She said it was because I was always so cheerful and perky. She assumed I’d been a cheerleader, and blonde.


  6. Bold, bold, bold!! Love this!! I liked Bedtime STories, too, guess I’ll need to go back and look for these colors again!

    Too funny about Billy Joel! I guess he and Billy Idol are a *little* alike! ha! Do you like the movie The WEdding Singer? Billy Idol is in that one, he’s great!

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