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Before I get started, do you know that Joann’s has a 40% off crafty sale? Also if you use one of the coupons from here you can get free shipping. I am getting me a Tonic Guillotine I tried it at Archivers and it was awesome!  Cuts smooth and straight, even itty bitty strips. I know cause I wanted to make sure it does that before I make my purchase. Joann’s has this for $29.99 and a few extras to qualify for the free shipping. This is going to replace my Making Memories and an office brand guillotine. They just don’t work well. The MM I can’t see where I’m cutting and you can’t flush it to the top or it’ll cut crooked and the guillotine I have doesn’t cut straight.

I’ve been on hiatus the last few days. Just been super busy and tired. I’ve been working out every night and that cuts into my crafty time. On top of that I’ve been using my extra time to go through our stuff and trying to figure out what to take, get rid of and store. I can’t decide if I should take my sewing machine or not. I read that motor type of electronics doesn’t do well on transformers. But at the same time sewing machines are so expensive in the UK.

Tonight I did make a card. I used Funky Foliage by Wplus9 for this card. Something simple and I think kind of fun cause of the butterfly path. A few days ago I made a scrapbook page and the tag below is the leftover from that project. I just used a bit of the tip and plus by cutting the tag, the tag fits better.

Miss You

The Miss M ordeal… check this out:


Six and teethless. We had to go to the dentist Monday to get her two bottom baby teeth pulled. One started wiggling a week ago but the adult tooth was already coming out Friday. Since M has seen this dentist since she was one and he’s never hurt her she trusted him completely and went through the whole teeth pulling alone. Me… they kicked me out cause I was about to pass out. They knew M wasn’t going to freak out on them and they said they rather not have to drive me home. So I waited in the waiting room until she was done. I was proud of her!

Last night the tooth fairy came and left her $2. I should take a picture of this note she wrote her. I’ll post tomorrow. It’s cute!!

Ok, time to boogie. It’s past 2 a.m. and I need some shut eyes. I’m not too tired though cause I slept early yesterday. I am weird!

12 thoughts on “Check Out My M

  1. Awesome card!!! How did you make that cut?
    I say take the sewing machine, its better to have it than to regret not bringing it.
    Kids are always so cute at this age when there teeth start falling out 🙂

  2. I have the tonic guillotine! I love it! I bought from a scrapbook store that was closing and got it cheap too. Have you moved to London? If so i have to give you my friends number. She is from the US and loves to meet people from the US as well. She is fantastic and has a lot of energy. She has kids too…. so you guys can have play dates.

    Email me if you can!!

    BTW when I was about M’s age i lost my my teeth that are to the left and right of my 2 front teeth. Oh it was bad…i was bugs bunny for a while. hehehe

  3. Wow! Love this gorgeous card! From the title of your post, I thought you were going to say that M made it and I was like WOW, she is really doing amazing work! Heee! She looks adorable toothless and what a brave girl! Go, M!

  4. Awww… she’s so brave 🙂 Give her a big hug for me 🙂
    Your card is fabulous as usual 🙂 Love that it’s simple and oh, the butterfly fluttering away…. awesome!

  5. Ohhhhhh, Miss M! She’s a braaaaaaave girl! Sure hope the tooth fairy bounty eclipses her ordeal! Mom MUST be feeling better, ’cause that’s one HECK of a card! Goodness, gracious – GORGEOUS WORK! Oh, how I love the elegance and playful use of Dawn’s stamps, peeking from behind those magnificent buttons! Then, the BUTTERFLY and trail…. wah! {It’s PERFECT!} I must be missing someone, ’cause I’m a little phe-clempt!

    GREAT work, sweet gal!

  6. Pretty card! I just made an order from Wplus9, I can’t wait to get them in! 🙂 When kids lose their teeth it is just too cute and they even start sounding different whrn they talk! 🙂

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