Funky Flowers

Happy weekend!!

Today I want to share the last of Wplus9‘s debut stamps: Funky Flowers. I used Melissa Phillips’ photo inspiration for this week. Very fun set! I used a tiny bit of this set on yesterday’s post, stem and leaf, and everything on the card below:



I only used a few pieces of this set. Tons of potential I tell you and you can see more samples at Dawn‘s and Maile‘s blog.

I am so excited for Dawn and her Wplus9 venture. It was such an honor to have her ask me to join her team months ago. I told her I’d be happy too as long as the stamps fit my style – I told her I can’t color and if her stamps weren’t solids I’d have a hard time working with them – and she’d be ok if I disappear for a few weeks while we move to the UK. When a few weeks ago Dawn showed me the samples of her design I got all giddy cause her stamps are just my style. I had to say yes! THANK YOU, Dawn!!!

After getting the stamps all I have for Wplus9 are just praises. Even if I’m not in Dawn’s team I’d still tell you how great they are because that’s the way it is. Quality of the stamps are as great as Papertrey and Waltzingmouse. Crispy clear! If you like Dawn’s style you wouldn’t be disappointed with these stamps. If Dawn ever kick me out of the team I’d still buy her stamps. They’re that good {::SMILE}.

Gotta go. It’s still M’s day. I got to play baby doll with her. Plus the Jovie’s too cute to leave to play on her own (seriously, doctor’s order… she said I hold Jovie too much, she needs to learn to play on her own so that she’s not too mommy dependent). Right now every time I look at her she’d give me the biggest toothless smile. Love my two girls!!

16 thoughts on “Funky Flowers

  1. Savitri this is STUNNING!! I love the color combo and the background you created. How clever! Thank you for the kind comments *blushing*. And kick you??? You crack me up…only if I’d completely lost my mind! LMAO

  2. The only thing that could be better about this card would be if it arrived in my mailbox! What a super celebration of these darling stamps, color and….darling you! Knock out performane, mighty talented one! Yipee! {AND Yee Haw!}

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