Happy Birthday Miss M!

Has it been six years? It has it has!!! My little girl is now 6-yrs-old. We’re not doing anything crazy to celebrate. M wanted a party at her school and so we have cupcakes and goodies bags ready. Then this weekend we have plans on going to Kansas City to do some celebrating at her choice of places. I do have a surprise, or two, stops. Hopefully the weather will be nicer. It’s snowing right now.

Last night, despite my tiredness, I made her a sweet little card. She’s gotten simple and sweet on me and I thought this card would be perfect for her. I used Wplus9’s stamps again (check here for store opening info), mostly Funky Foliage. I used the tree top portion to make a flower! The colors I used are Rasberry Fizz, Artichoke, and Chocolate Chip.

Happy Birthday, M

Happy Birthday, M

Like I said it’s sweet and simple and very M.

Here’s a photo of my girls this morning. One just turned 8-mo-old yesterday and the other is a big 6-yr-old. I remember when she was just born! That sweet little face. So glad I have them in my life!!!

M and Jovie

21 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Miss M!

  1. You have the sweetest girls on the planet. I love M’s personality and funky style… 🙂 Wishing her a fabulous, FABULOUS birthday! 🙂 I bet that birthday trip is going to be so ridonculously fun!…I wanna come! Lol!

    Super sweet card, too!

  2. Oh, just look at those lil’ sweethearts! {Oh, and your kids are cute, too!} Hee Hee Okay, it’s ALL sweet! Your little tots are SCRUMPTIOUS! Seriously, how do you get anything done and not spend you day EATING them up ~ Ohhhh, the cuteness! Happy BIRTH anniversary – she’s adorable and you done good!

    Now, let me look at your fantastic creations where you’ve made Dawn’s designs sing with JOY-JOY-JOY! No worries on your naughty thoughts – YOUR work is HEAVENLY {they’ll let ya in, I promise!} I’m literally twitching with excitement because you’ve made these images look AMAZING and fun and … {wait for it…} YEE HAW!

    Wonderful work, crafty princess!

  3. First…HAPPY BIRTHDAY M!!!

    I am in love with what you did with Funky Foliage – I never saw the tree top as a flower, so fresh and fun! You ROCK girl, seriously.

    My little Carter’s 5th b-day was yesterday. Aren’t the Feb. babies the best?!

  4. BIG birthday wishes to your special girl!! Wow, and that card truly is perfect for her, you know, kids aren’t that particular when it comes to cards I’ve noticed…my boy loves the most simplest of the arts and crafts that we devour ourselves in! Love all the white space and that luscious, light pink is darling! Hope it is the best and get some rest girlie!!

  5. `Happy belated b`day` to your beautiful Miss `M`…Your card is sooo beautiful I bet she loved it!!!!
    Your girlsa are `gorgeous` WoW how quick they grow!!!gorg photo ..
    Have a fab time in Kansas Savitiri..big (((hugs))))xxx

  6. happy belated birthday to m!!!!!! Time flies, eh? I’m going to have a 15 year old soon..oy..a tall 15 year old…woot woot!

    Love your card…and your girlies are just way tooooo cute!

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