My Future Scrap Room

I am planning a take over, you all. Target: Scrapland! Check this one picture out. There are tons more! Elise JUST finished her scraproom and it is AMAZING!! I am JEALOUS!!!! I do have a card to share but I have no pic of it and I’m too lazy to get up because I’ve got two gorgeous girls laying on me – sleeping. Both sick. Poor babies. BUT, who cares about my stinkin’ card. Go check out the room. It’s making me very sick too! I think I now have the jealous virus!!!

Scrapland by Elise

5 thoughts on “My Future Scrap Room

  1. Basking in the stinkin jealousy too! 🙂 We have a lot more of the house to tackle before my studio gets a makeover, so I’m just aquiring as much plastic storage as I can find until then… LOL.

    Hope the bebes get better soon! *hugs!*

  2. Oh, honey, baby, sweetie! I’m SORRY {about the babies!} and … you can HAVE my husband! But I’m keeping the scrap room! hee hee

    HOWEVER! You are welcome to come over and play, ANYTIME! Heck, you can even sing to me!

    {I *heart* your wacky ways, darlin’… I’m now parking a box of hankies next to my computer, ’cause you make me laugh to the point of tears!!!} I hope your girls are feeling better, sweet thang!

  3. I know right!? I’m still green with envy. I just hope to one day get my “studio” out of the corner of the dining room, and out from under the bed, and the hall closet, and the kitchen cabinet….you get the point! LOL

    Hope the little ones are feeling better. :o(

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