Guess What?

I will be joining the oh so fabulous Maile Belles and very energetic and fun Elise Durenberger at Wplus9 as one of their design team!! I am so excited! Do you know Dawn Woleslagle? She’s the person behind Wplus9 and she’s an amazing graphic artist. What is Wplus9? It’s a new photo-polymer stamp company and if you want to get an idea what Dawn’s stamps might be like, well, take a look at this and while you’re there go and see her card creations. Gorgeous crispy clean designs!!

I got a sneaky peaky of her stamps, just to make sure that I’d be able to fit well in her team (also to make sure that there’s not going to be a lot of coloring involved cause you all know how “great” I am at it), and all I can say is, you big (favorite) companies out there, watch out, Wplus9 is coming!!!

When will the store open? February-ish. If you want to be the first to shop, hop on over to the store’s website and sign-up to be in the store’s mailing list! I cannot wait to receive her stamps!!

Okie doke, moving on… a card a card AND I stamped everything. Proud of me? Just say yes {::SMILE}. I really like this PTI stamp set and I’m kind of liking the process of making my own pattern paper with stamps.

Thank You


15 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. Love this card! The twine detail underneath the ribbon is perfect…see what I mean? Your magic, pure magic! Thanks for the kind words, they mean sooo much. ;o)

  2. whoa, how cool, have to take a look at her store! Congrats! 😀 OK, great minds think alike! I used the same set for my card today, hehe, i’m telling ya, where on the same channel here 😀 Awesome, I luv making my own background too! Awesome card, luv the ribbon!

    Clouds 😀

  3. Wow, congrats! Can’t wait to see what Dawn’s stamps look like!

    I’ve been working on making my own patterned paper, too – I couldn’t bring very much of the real stuff with me (and they don’t sell it here), so I have to get creative. Love what you’ve done on this card!

  4. Congrats Savitri! Sorry I haven’t been around lately, the card drive has kept me BUSY! I can’t wait to see your projects with the new stamp set, I know you will do great! Love this card too, the stamp is great! 🙂

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