Gift Wrapping 101

Are you gift wrap challenged? If the answer is yes, you SHOULD ask my husband to teach you! He’s REALLY good!!! See this sample below?

Christmas Present

A few tips from the hubby your gifts can also look like his!

M and I watched Flinstones Saved Christmas on YouTube and Fred’s gift wrapping scene made me think of my recent Christmas present from the husband. So, after the girls went to bed I decided to scrapbook this photo using a Pencil Line sketch, #171.

What’s in there? It’s a soft box kit (I think it’s this one) from Calumet. Basically what he did was grabbed the box the UPS man delivered, took it upstairs, and wrapped. Instead of opening the box and wrapping 3-4 boxes he (somewhat) wrapped one huge box. Now, is this just a man thing or is there something wrong with my husband?

Well, have a nice night. I should sleep early one of these night. I know that one day this staying up late will catch up to me.

Retired kits by Sabrina Dupre at Shabby Pickle, Nikki Beaudreau at After Five (alpha), and Vera Lim (stitches) at Shabby Pickle.

Adobe Photoshop CS3

8 thoughts on “Gift Wrapping 101

  1. Now that IS funny!…thanks for sharing…I got a good chuckle over that picture. Your layout looks great too!
    PS Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on my Embellish challenge card! ;D Diana

  2. Helloooooooooooooo, HILARIOUS gal! You gave me quite a giggle when I found your comments on my blog tonight {AND, I can’t EVEN tell your how desperately I needed THAT!}… I’m crying {oh, bless you – it’s gooooooood!} because you… COMPLETE me! Dabbing my eyes from laughter at the Elaine comparisons, the drunk hubby, the LINE DANCING!!! I know we’re just meeting, but I *HEART* you!

    THIS layout, gave me joy, in the deepest part of my scrapbooker’s soul! {Something that has been locked in a prison of ~ca-ca~ BEEP! for a long time! She might be stirring RIGHT now, because of YOU! THANKS, girl!} WHAT a gas this blog is! AN- your super L/O is elegant, minimalist, sheer-joy-of-material, and fun loving record of your wacky life! I’m just drinking it in!

    Your blog is like a carnival of paper-crafting, humor and fun ~ I, too, must have been under a ROCK! Wait, YOU rock! Rock on, SISTA! I’m so glad we’ve “met” via Dawn and all her fun!



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