Card, in a Ditch, and Cincinnati Chili

Anybody from Cincinnati? We LOVE Cincinnati chili and found a recipe that taste just like Skyline’s — or better. I didn’t change anything and it was just delicious!!! My favorite is the 4-way, with onions. YUMMY!! I am hungry already! A bad thing since it’s almost midnight here right now.

If you’ve never had this type of chili it’s not the typical. It’s a bit more runny and with more flavors. There are spices like cloves, cocoa, cumin, etc. Before I made this recipe (before Christmas) we always used the packets but now that we found this great and easy recipe bye-bye packets! Personally I like this chili better than the regular one. I really like the taste and if you like a lot of flavors I suggest you try this thing out. Our family loves to try regional favorites and this is one that has also became our family’s favorite dish.

Check out this beauty ((photo courtesy of — I don’t use that much cheese:

Cincinatti Chilli

Alrighty… I did make a card. Something simple, again. I wish I can have the time that I had a year ago. I looked at some of my work and they were more elaborate. I could afford to then, time was more with me. Now, time has gotten limited and I try to steal a bit here and there. The exchange is all worth it but ahhh, sometimes I do wish for more time — or motivation. Last weekend I had plenty of time but just no mojo.

I wanted to do something yesterday but couldn’t. Yesterday I was on time out. I ran the car into a ditch right in front of our mailbox (it wasn’t deep. It was no big deal if there were feet of snow). Hubby was not happy cause he had to tow me out in the freezing cold and it was dumb. If I wasn’t daydreaming, wondering if I got a package in the mail or not, I wouldn’t have driven too to the right. I still have a hubby but I think if I do it again (it was my second time — same spot too) he’d wonder why he’s with me ha ha ha…


Something neutral with a touch of color. I’ve this stamp set for a while but just got to using it today. I want to get more PTI background shtuff so that I can keep with my goal of making my own background patterns this year.


13 thoughts on “Card, in a Ditch, and Cincinnati Chili

  1. good grief, check out all that cheese…mmmmm….I might have to try this recipe:)

    Love your card girlie…sorry about that car situation…you keep the man on his toes..LOL

  2. I know nothing about Cincinnati, BUT my dad’s chili recipe always included spaghetti! I still use that recipe today. He used to complain about the chili contest he didn’t win, but came back with an empty pot. The AF squadron DQ’d him because it was ‘spaghetti’ not chili! He was so ticked! LOL

    Love your card! 🙂 Glad you’re out of the ditch and deep do do! 🙂

  3. Sorry about the car. Just glad you are okay and kids are too. I know what you mean about daydreaming about a package. 🙂 I like the neutral colors on this card you created and the punch of color with the butterflies is perfect!

  4. Such a pretty card! Glad you and the car are safe and well. Will have to try the chili. Can’t say I’ve ever eaten chili with spaghetti noodles, but looks good.

    1. oh, sorry about the ditch!! good luck staying on the road! ok, i love this card…completely delicous!! perfection, i’m sure! oh, i have a question, was it you that has a HUGE roll of dimensional adhesvie? i have a slight recollection of seeing it here…was i dreaming? i’m looking for some….:)

  5. What a lovely card! So simple and elegant! Don’t worry, your hubby isn’t going anywhere, look at those gorgeous children you make! Plus, I bet there’s some other good stuff you do too! =)

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