My First Homemade Bread

First a card:

Baby Shower

I used PTI stamps and the pattern paper is a little bit of leftover from one of my digital papers from Shabby Pickle Designs. The colors came from Dawn McVey. I could have made all sorts of cards/scrapbook pages all day today but I wasn’t motivated. Instead I just lounged around with the girls.

As for the bread… Check this baby out:


I am doing really good with my 2010 goal to make more food from scratch. The above wheat bread is really delicious. I got this one from AllRecipes and the 500+ people who gave this five stars were right!! M and hubby loves it. It is a tad bit sweeter than the store bread but I think you can easily adjust by removing the 2nd cup of sugar. I did follow one of the tip; I divided the dough up into two instead of three to make it more sandwich size. Another tip said to put the dough in the dryer to speed up the growth and so I did – it’s not like I have a lot of warm places options to let my dough sit and rise anyways. I didn’t have any laundry to dry and so I just turned it on for a few minutes before I placed the dough in there. Did it help? I dunno but it grew well. Lovely bread and next time I’m going to try adding sunflower and more wheat and reduce the regular flour.

Bread Rising

I hope you had a great weekend. My spring class starts up tomorrow and I have a full class so I’ll be sporadic with the crafting as I get more papers to grade. So until next time!!!

11 thoughts on “My First Homemade Bread

  1. I haven’t made a loaf a bread in ages. I love the idea of using the heat of the dryer…smart.

    Sweet card, Savitri! I haven’t done one of Dawn’s challenges in a long time.

  2. Looks yummy for sure! I gotta try that recipe, I make pizza dough from scratch and since I have an electric stove (not the best but it’s what we have) I just put on one of the coils on low and the low heat that it gives off lets the dough rice fairly quickly 😀 But never though of the dryer! Cute card, I really like the baby onesie stamp 😀

    Clouds 😀

  3. I’m starved and there really isn’t anything better than fresh home-made bread…can you fedex some over to me:)

    Your card is super adorable! love that color combo!

  4. Hhaha! That was not what I pictured when you said to put it in the dryer… It would have been a messy venture for sure in my house!

  5. I really like how you used the colors on your card!

    Your bread looks awesome – I don’t know why I’m so freakin’ scared to try making my own bread. One of these days I’m just gonna have to do it. I know it would really come in handy living where we do, because decent sandwich bread is pretty expensive (and hubby is picky). The last loaf I picked up he said smelled like cookies (and it did have a funny salty-sweet taste, not to mention an unnatural yellow color, lol).

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