Sewing + Paper Bag + Marshmallows

I picked up this book at the library today (the crafts and sewing books are just around the corner from my office — the perk of being housed in the library): 30 Elegant and Easy Projects by Jocelyn Worall and it in there was this wrapping paper made out of an old paper grocery bag that was randomly sewn. Very pretty and I thought I’d give it a try. If I were a bit more motivated I’d have all sorts of color thread but since I’m a lazy paper crafter red would do. Whatcha think?


I didn’t do anything fancy because I wanted to highlight the sewing/stitches. I wish my sewing machine’s a bit fancier tho — more stitch patterns. Mine only has zig-zags and regular.

Here’s a bit of yummy goodness too. Marshmallows (Amy, I make them cause the ingredients are better than buying them at the store)! Let me tell you, if you want to do this recipe with no coconuts, do yourself a favor and layer some parchment paper or foil on your baking/casserole pan and then dump the mix onto the paper/foil. This way when the marshmallows are done you can just flip the pan over and everything will come out easily. Then you can dust the white goodness with powdered sugar. Don’t be like me. I have to cut first and then gently pull each one out. PAINFUL!! Oh, when you cut, use a wet knife. Besides the sticking (cause I wasn’t thinking), this thing is good. My colleague gave me this recipe. It’s from Barefoot Contessa. If you want to substitute the corn syrup you can, I think it’s better for you. I did half corn syrup and half the substitute. I had leftover syrup for the last time I made marshmallows and I wanted to use it up.

Oh, to make the marshmallow go from watery goop to poofy white fluff you need to really consistently mix. I used a hand mixer the first time around and the marshmallows turned out ok (I have to say this one is fluffier) but it was rough holding it still for 15-minutes. Now I have a Kitchenaid stand-mixer and I just set it on high (as Barefoot recommends) and leave it going for 15 min-ish. The results:


Have a great one! Hope you’re staying warm if your in this part of the world. It was 5 degrees here today!!

9 thoughts on “Sewing + Paper Bag + Marshmallows

  1. shut up you made your own marshmallows? i have got to try that? then toast it!! i bet its amazing?????

    your card is fabulous!!! believe it or not im signing up for a sewing class. my sewing machine is collecting dust. i need to figure out how to use it asap. i want to make that paper you just did!!!

  2. Love the sewing you did with the paperbag… it truly is something different 🙂
    And oh, the marshmallow looks yummy! It’s so incredible that you made it 🙂 I would love to try that one day 🙂

  3. Cute cute! Luv the sewing as a background accent, very creative! I gotta start using my PTI stamps a bit more (2sets are holiday set so…) luv that ribbon too! ah, marshmallows, i’m allergic to ’em, i think it’s a dye of some sort that they put on it, so never been a fan, interesting though, never though of making them from scratch! oh yeah, Barefoot Contessa, when I move to the Hamptons and become one of her best friends ima ask her to make me soon, haha! it’s in my bucket list, 😀

    clouds 😀

  4. hanging my head in shame…okay, so now I understand why you would rather make your own marshmallows…they are gorgeous…

    woot woot on your card…I love all that stitching…you should enter it in the just for girls challenge they are having…it is all about stitching:)

    1. Oh my Savitri! Your red stitching sure does show up beautifully on the paper bag! Great job & very creative! Thank you for playing along with Just Us Girls – hope you play along in upcoming challenges 🙂

    1. Very cute and I’m really impressed about the marshmallows! WOW. Thanks so much for playing along with Just Us Girls – it’s great to have you with us as we kick off the new year. Hope you enjoyed this week’s stitching challenge and will come back for more on Saturday 🙂

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