Card for St. Jude

Before I start, I just want to tell you that we got home at 4:45 a.m. Driving at night was way better for our sanity than in the day time. There’s no Jovie cries 5 out of the 9 hours. We were too tired to unload everything and so the only thing we grabbed from the car was the toiletries bag. This late this afternoon I did some unloading.

Hubby: Oh, unloading all he important stuff, huh?
Me: Yeah, I have my hands full!
Hubby: (snort)

That was our conversation on my way up the stairs lugging my craft bag on one hand and M’s on the other. I have my priorities ya know, ha!

My Card for St. Jude… My blog friend, Winter, has a card drive for her 1-yr-blogversary and all the cards that she’ll be collecting this month of January will go to the children at St. Jude’s hospital. Coincidentally St. Jude has a special place in hubby’s heart. Since hubby was a little boy his family would do all sorts of drive to raise money for St. Jude. Via this card drive I want to do a little bit too.

Here’s my card. Something really simple and quick. Unlike Christmas I don’t have a lot of Valentine’s stuff. It’s never been my thing. For Valentine’s day I usually make a card for hubby and M and that’s it. I guess I’m not that big on having one day to celebrate love. I think it should just be any day. Now, hubby has done something special for Valentine’s day and it was very special but in our household it’s not a must do. Actually hubby and I decided to not exchange a lot of gifts on Christmas day also. We’ll exchange a small gift on Christmas day but we want gift exchanges to be anytime during the year. That way it’s less stressful too and more fun. For M and Jovie nothing will change, Christmas will always be magical for them — for as long as they’ll let us.

St. Jude's Card Drive

This card was created using the Whoo’s Your Valentine stamp set from Stampin’ Up!, cardstock’s from Papertrey Ink, ribbon is PTI and the black is unknown, the border punch is Fiskar and I used Copic markers to color the hearts. The color combo came from Embellish Magazine.

Alright, that’s it for now.

16 thoughts on “Card for St. Jude

  1. i love the image!!!! Im not big on valentines either. my husband and i dont even go out that day…we go out days before to avoid a packed restaurant. I believe it should be celebrated everyday too!

  2. This is CUTE CUTE CUTE!! I’m sure the children will love it!
    My hubby and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s too. I think the last time we celebrate was the first I met him….well, that was 11 years ago 🙂 That’s it. No more Valentine’s celebration. He said it’s a waste of money to spend on super expensive dinner and flowers. And which I totally agree 🙂

  3. Cute cute, the card is awesome! hmm…you got home late, too late! Hopefully you got some good rest. Yes, like Sarah, I need to send some cards to Winter for St. Jude’s.

    Clouds 😀

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