Project 365 and Foodies Schtuff

The hubby and I went on a date night!! It was short but him and I had a great time. For dinner we went to the supposeadly #1 most romantic restaurant in Memphis: Jim’s Place. If you ever go here, try the crab cakes. YUMMY!!!!! I could have ordered 3 servings of crab cakes and I would have been happy, ha! Very good food and service. It was hard choosing between Jim’s and Erling Jensen but Jim’s won cause I really wanted crab cakes and Jim’s was cheaper (I am still a tightwad). Plus, I haven’t had baklava in ages and the baklava there didn’t disappoint.

After dinner we checked out Beale St. We didn’t stay long though… or go into any bars. Yeah we drink and we like loud music but we didn’t want to pay a cover charge to sit there for 30-mins. Why? Well Cinderella had to go home by or before 10 p.m. or her boobs would burst. Nursing has it’s downside {::SMILE}.

So that’s our date… next… I’m, AGAIN, doing the Project 365. The first year I got to day 15. Last year I got to 28 — I think — more less. This year I really want to complete it so wish me luck!! I’m posting my pics on the family’s blog (been abandoned since 2008). If you’re interested (to see if I make it or not after day 29, ha!) come and see my pics there.

More food stuff… The corn bread I made was YUM!!! Hubby though didn’t like how moist it was. I added a can of creamed corn to make it extra moist (first tip). The recipe didn’t require it. So if you like moist and yummy corn bread add the corn but if not, just do the recipe as is. The taste is perfect!!

Sweet Corn Bread

Another thing I made that my mother-in-law just loved was spinach quiche. I did do something different here. I somewhat followed the first tip. I had some sun dried tomatoes left from my stuffed pork and so I sauteed that with the frozen spinach, onions, and butter. I used a cast iron pan to do my sauteeing and after I was done I added the mixture of wet ingredients plus the cheese into the cast iron, mix it up real good, and stuck it the pan into the oven. Result: DELISH (even M couldn’t stop going: yummy, mommy)!! I didn’t have a crust anyhow and so it worked out great.

Spinach Quiche

Ok, no crafts today. En route to Missouri. Road’s bad so wish us luck!!

4 thoughts on “Project 365 and Foodies Schtuff

  1. Mouth. Watering. My Momma always added creamed corn to the cornbread… I LOVE it that way! Travel safely! 🙂 Kudos to you and the 365! It scares me!

    And the Cinderella thing… One part I do not miss about having a baby! 😉

  2. Drive safe! DH and I used to live in Springfield MO, and his family is from Arkansas, so we used to drive between the two states all the time. You’ve got a lot longer drive than we ever had, though!

  3. Love Jim’s Place! We haven’t been there in FOREVER, but the last time was for a romantic anniversary dinner. Don’t blame you about Beale Street…I’d rather just drink and listen to music at home than pay cover charges, too. I’m in Olive Branch, MS…just over the state line from Memphis. Didn’t realize you lived here.

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