Tut: More Flowers

I’ve been messing with flowers the last two days and today I made this for M. This flower hair piece was created using two tuts… or a combination of. The main idea came from this party flower tutorial minus step 5. Instead of the fluffy look I wanted to do this flatter look based on the Fabric Flower tutorial (plus I only have this fabric, scissors, white thread, and a needle). The two tuts were created by the same person. Pretty neat huh?

Next time I’m going to use these flower techniques using pattern/tissue paper. I think it’ll give the flower a very nice fluff. I don’t have my die-cut machine either but when I get back to my machine I want to use some flower die-cuts on fabric/felt also. It’d be fun to ink up the paper and sparkle the tips of the flowers. I also want to get some stamens. I think the stamens will make the flowers really fun.

Fabric Flower

Fabric Flower

Fabric Flower

M loves her little hair piece. It took me 15-minutes I think to make this thing.

Ok, off for a little date with the hubby! Tomorrow we’ll be driving back to good old Missouri. We’re in the Memphis area now and looking at spending some time in the world famous (that’s what the site claims) Beale Street. Laters!!

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