Recipe: Turnip Greens

I’m not a fan of bland food and since I met my hubby I’ve been introduced to eating more greens: turnip and collard greens, kale, etc. When he was growing up they’d haveĀ  greens with vinegar. Well, that’s not quite my cup of tea (I like vinegar in a recipe but not for soaking/dipping — although I do like wine vinegar + olive oil for salad dressing) and so every time I cook greens I try to flavor it up a bit more. Except for our first new year together I haven’t seen vinegar on top of our dinner table.

From what I heard the Southern Turnip Greens are cooked with ham hock but I found this recipe by Alton Brown that uses smoked turkey. I tested this turnip greens out last night on my Southern in-laws and they LOVED it. Even though the vinegar was on the table nobody used it. The best part: Super easy!!

Since I met hubby he also told me that greens, black-eyed peas, and cornbread’s a new year’s tradition. So, in case greens is part of your new year’s tradition and you want to try out a new and really good dish (it’s really tasty, the smoked turkey gives the dish the whole flavor) I thought I’d share.

Now, we didn’t eat our greens last night with peas or cornbread. We ate our greens with this pork chops stuffed with sun dried tomatoes and spinach by Giadia. VERY good!!! My only tip: Get a good SHARP knife! If not you’d be miserable cutting through them pork chops.

I have no pics to share from last night but my pork chops wasn’t far from Food Network’s photo:

Stuffed Pork Chops

One thought on “Recipe: Turnip Greens

  1. I loved reading your story about the greens! I grew up with greens, cornbread, mac & cheese, hamhocks, sweet potatoes and all that good southern food. Try pouring a little sweet pickle juice (or mix with relish) next time. Black-eyed peas are for good luck hence the reason most African-American (and I suppose other cultures) eat them on New Years day. Next time you make chops try piercing them with a fork (until your hand hurts!) before cooking, cover tightly and cook slower (low temp for a longer period) this tends to make them more tender. OK – I stopped by to let you know I made the soup you posted and it was absolutely fabulous!!!! I added carrots and lima beans. My Dad REALLY enjoyed it and he doesn’t eat white saucy stuff (alfreado, white gravy, etc.). Thanks for the receipe and have a wonderful new year!

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