Too Stinkin’ Cute

The last few days I’ve been eating this thing… even before breakfast. But they’re so good!!! I’ve been using this recipe and another one since 2007. It just depends whether or not I have pudding and if I want soft or a bit more crunchy (one with pudding is softer/more moist). For this below I used butterscotch instead of vanilla pudding. The taste is still delish even though the cookie is a tad bit more brown. YUM! Today I’m going to attempt Laura’s bon bons. I want to give some to the neighbors and also Jovie’s daycare ladies.

Chocolate Chips Cookies

I did some scrapbooking too last night. It’s one of the photos I shared yesterday. I made some prints on my Selphy (fun printer!) for friends of the kids and had this one extra photo. I can’t waste it, right? If you’re looking to buy a portable photo printer go get the Selphy! It only does up to 4×6 but with a click of a few buttons you can have 2-8 pictures on one 4×6 paper (the picture below was 1 out of 2… it’s wallet size basically). Very fun! If you click on the above link you’ll be on B&H’s site and the printer is selling there for $89.95 + FREE shipping. Or if you want the older model, one I have, you can buy it from Adorama for $50. If you happen to need a new digital camera, a Canon, there’s an extra $50 mail-in rebate. I should have bought another printer when we bought M’s camera!

Too Stinkin' Cute

This page was doing using Scarlet Lime’s Oct. ’08 kit. Can you see the other side of that October Afternoon paper? Monsters! I had a hard time using this paper cause both sides are nice but I finally told myself to quit hoarding.

I hope you all have a great day. It’s 3 more days until Christmas!!!! Thursday M and I have a date. We’re going to the ballet to see the Nutcracker. Dad and Jovie will be home. I can’t wait, M’s first ballet!!

9 thoughts on “Too Stinkin’ Cute

  1. those cookies look yummy! I always make an apple pie for the in-laws, turns out awesome and no left overs (for me that is, someone else always hogs the last piece) awesome lay out too, cute pic of Jovie. Sometime I wish I liked pics of ourselves so that I can scrap them but I dunn and neither does Scott -_-

    Clouds 😀

  2. THe cookies look delish!!!! The LO is awesome!
    I have been coveting the Selphy for a while, but have a question… are the costs of ink/paper comparatively expensive??? I would think that this specialty printer would also have pricier inks/paper. Would you agree?? Is the print quality really good? I have given up on printing pics on my computer, as it always loooks like crap!
    THanks in advance, and enjoy the cookies…

  3. Absolutely adorable layout and those cookies look sooo delish!! I see all is going well for you still and I wanted to drop by and wish you and your beautiful family a very happy holiday, be safe girl!!

  4. Awesome page! I think I’ll get my October kit out and just copy you exactly! lol! Thanks for the tip on the cookies, both of these recipes look great! Have fun at the ballet with M, that is SO neat!

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