Our Homemade Christmas

Five more days until Christmas!!!! Tomorrow I’ll be sending out my Christmas cards + my sister’s package. About time, huh? But ya know, I think it’s not just us. So far we’ve only gotten two cards this year. It must be a crazy year for many!

Today, while M and dad’s away, I managed to do this:

M's Christmas Gift Tag

I made the tag myself in Illustrator and saved it as always to use in my KNK but I don’t know what happened my KNK couldn’t recognize the SVG file and when I imported the image into my software the file got all crazy and didn’t cut right. I got this tag but I had to trim a part that wasn’t suppose to be cut but it did. So I can’t share the tag file until I figure this out. The rest of the tag was done using some My Mind’s Eyes die-cuts. Really easy!

Check out that wrapping paper. Isn’t it pretty? I got it at the dollar store! I love looking for wrapping paper there because the last few years I’ve been finding huge rolls of pretty paper AND they’re made in the U.S.A.!!!

Before I go I want to share this…

Jovie Sitting

I was able to craft while Jovie’s awake because she’s been sitting on her own. Still a tad wobbly but she’s doing well. She didn’t fall one bit while I made the tag!

Then a few of our ornaments… once upon a time the Christmas tree used to be mine. I decorated, I purchased whatever’s on it, etc. Every year, after Christmas, I’d buy a new ornament and it’s usually from World Market. Now it’s not mine anymore and I couldn’t be happier and every year we add on to the tree and they’ve been handmade.

Jovie Ornament

M's Ornament

The below starts with hubby’s ornament. Back home he’s called Andy. Then M’s and then Jovie’s little hand print.

Family Ornament

I hope your holiday preparation is wonderful!

5 thoughts on “Our Homemade Christmas

  1. Such a cute tag, I love the snowman! Yes I agree, everyone is running late with their xmas cards, I feel very good about sending mine last wk, hehe. Your xmas tree is adorable! Very cool that most of the ornaments are handmade. We dunn have a tree this yr, dunno, I have issues with tress cuz for the longest time my mom didn’t set one up when we were growing up, now I hear she has one this yr, maybe I feel the same way like her about trees.

    Clouds 😀

  2. Love love love that paper! I wanna wrap gifts in all kraft and all white paper…. where can I get that stuff in mass quantities? Baby J is such a doll! Love when they’re at that stage… she’ll be pulling up on things and walking in no time! 🙂

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