In Search of a Tent

Are you done Christmas shopping? I thought I was but Miss M wants one more thing from Santa besides boots… a tent! I didn’t think tents would be so eye catching but they are! After looking at a lot of them, does anybody know where I can find something like this IKEA canopy ($19). The IKEA tent isn’t available to purchase online.

Ikea Hanging Net

I have something in mind that I’d love to make for M and I need a white blank canopy. I’m not that good of a seamstress and I know I’d butcher the fabric, even though it seems simple, if I try.

If you want to see some tent cuteness, here are some that I found:

The Treepee. Now this is one I’d like to get for myself! I’ll have to add “huge tree” on my house letting (renting term in the UK) list of must have, ha!


Another none-swinging tee pee tent:

Fairy Wigwam

From Etsy:

Etsy Tent

Haba tents (this company makes some really fun — pricey too – tents). I think this is a Germany company:

Haba Rose Fairy


Blossom Sky



Mushroom tent:

Mushroom Tent House

Land of Nod aka the kid store of Crate and Barrel:

Land of Nod Play House

Now, if you have the above, there’s a recall on it. LofN still sells this, looks a bit different than the above photo.

I might also attempt this one day after we’re all settled in England and I am a stay-at-home mum: teepee tent with tutorial. It looks pretty simple, no?

6 thoughts on “In Search of a Tent

  1. Oh man these are all so adorable! I REALLY like the ones from Etsy. I bought this for Syd from Target last Christmas – but I’m thinkin that Etsy one may be a good present for next year… maybe the Easter bunny or something.. I dunno. 🙂 Good luck! and of COURSE you can sew your own tent! Remember the fab apron you made for Emma?! You got skills girl!

  2. Okay, I’m totally seeing something made with a hula hoop and velcro tabs… multiple 4″ (or so) strips of fabric stitched to the upper inside portion of your tent that have velcro on each end so you can wrap the strip around the hula hoop and hold it in place… So the hula hoop gives it the shape it needs and the rest of the fabric hangs down from there. Not sure if that makes any sense or not, but I can totally see it in my head. You could SO make this!

  3. I love the Treepee, and my son would love it too! He has a big tee pee and a smaller one. I slipped the top of his bed matress inside the smaller teepee, and the top part of his body was in the teepee when he slept. He loved it! 🙂

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