2S4Y and Snuggie

I’m not sure why I’m still up but here I am! I have a card to share too which was created based on Ashley Newell’s sketch at 2S4Y AND one of her color combos. I did realize after I was done that there’s no snowflake or even a winter theme. I guess I should have been sleeping and not card making!

Look Who's Here

The Snuggie deal… have you seen the infomercial? We first saw it when we were in Mississippi over Thanksgiving. If you’ve never seen it, check out this video:


Anybody has one? When we first saw the commercial we thought: Wow, really? But then last night while hubby was rearranging the blanket on him on the couch he said: Hmmm, I can see where the snuggie can come in handy. So, would it be funny if I got him one for Christmas?

Hubby, since he was a little boy, has always had a package where he was allowed to shake and guess its content. I can’t remember what all his shake gifts were the last seven years but the one memorable one were green velvet boxer shorts — very Christmasy — with bells around it. I think there was even a reindeer face on it… in front of the shorts. I bought it when I was shopping with his mom and she thought it would make a great shake gift. Of course hubby couldn’t guess it and when he saw the gift (and was told that I bought it when I was out with his mom) he was ready to take me outside and leave me there. I was laughing so hard everything hurt he he he…

This year, maybe I can get him a Snuggie and put marbles or rocks in the box. That way he can have a fun time guessing and after he opens it I can have a great time laughing. What do you think?

I’m going to bed now. More this weekend… maybe… we’ll see…

Card material:

Digital paper from Danielle Engebretson: A Grand New Day, cardstock from SU, stamps by Hampton Art (found at Michael’s), button PTI, and ribbon is Offrey.

Danielle Engebretson

Have a nice night and more later!

18 thoughts on “2S4Y and Snuggie

  1. LOVE your interpretation of the sketch! Super cute! Yes, heard of snuggies and giving LOTS away this holiday! It’s really a blanket robe! haha I also asked for one this year, but I want a Brookstone one. I’m a Brookstone fan and have their “Nap” blankets and want more – they’re SUPER soft and snuggly and wash VERY well! I even have a travel one! So, I peeked in the store the other day and they have a snuggie version! So, Mac was put on notice! Just think, stay warm and make cards!!

  2. What a cute card! I keep telling my hubby I’m gonna get him a Snuggie too but he would be SO mad if I did. You have to let us know if you end up getting it and what he says!

  3. a-dorable card…love the owlies…but you would have probably guessed that….snuggie…lol…those commercials are soooo cheesy:) I should get one for work..LOL. velvet boxers…tmi sista..LOL.

  4. Adorable card! I love the color combination and the owl :). My roommates and I have two snuggies (we got them as gifts), and although hardly any of us would admit that we like them, they’re definitely among our top-used blankets. They’re pretty comfortable, and I think that would be a great gift for your husband. They make them in zebra print and cheetah print, too, in case you were feeling super adventurous. 🙂

  5. Hi Savatiri!!!!WoW lots to catch up on..I havent blogged much this week:(
    Great to catch up…
    Your card is `Gorgeous`
    def go with the snuggie!!!!!
    Love your camera puch for `M`
    Hope your all well and enjoying your weekend:)x

  6. Yeah, baby! I want one of those! Actually, I’m sitting here freezing and cannot help but long for one… nah… I’ll just keep on freezin’! I love your card with that paper- so cute!

  7. I really do want one of those! I would love to have it while making cards, I don’t think I could wear it in public at the kids games though! 🙂 Cute card, I like that paper!
    Autumn loves her flowers, thanks M! 🙂

  8. Such a pretty card!! I love the bright yellow ribbon, and how it is attached to the card!! Great job with Kazan’s Sketch 41!

    The snuggie infomercial still just cracks me up, especially the couple sitting on the couch together. The wife is quietly reading while the husband is….raising the roof?! Tee hee! Enjoy the snuggies if you get them!


  9. First of all, super cute card. Second, i think its hilarious that you are talking about the snuggie caus I just came back from my companys Xmas party and we all received a “slanket” lol. ..it is sooo nice and your hubby I’m sure will love it, especially if you tease him with the rocks haha!

  10. gorgeous card! I am thinking the snuggly as shaker sounds perfect 😉 can’t wait to hear what he thinks if you do go along with it

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