M’s Sketch #4 Winners

Finally!!! Sorry for the delay!

First of all M loved these cards:

  1. Cole (5)
  2. Aimee
  3. Sparkle
  4. Wendy Todd
  5. Ashley Nguyen Newell

But the winners are:

Autumn Sims


Ashley Cannon Newell


M loved all the cards but we never got to commenting on all of them — or I did and she didn’t. She got a bit distracted with the whole Christmas activities here at home. She picked the cards but when it came to commenting on the last few bits she just said, “Mommy, you do it for me. You can be my assistant and write for me.” Here’s my reply, “Heck no! This was your idea!! You wanted to practice writing!”

So here they are. Autumn/Winter, please email me your address and Ashley, I’ll email your GC/coupon code in the morning. Oh, where’s mom’s favorite? This time M and I are on the same page.

6 thoughts on “M’s Sketch #4 Winners

  1. OOOH! Thanks so much for choosing my card! M’s sketches are the best and are quite challenging! So happy she does them and hope she stays motivated – well of course not during Christmas! Too much ‘stuff’ going on! Congrats to the other spotlights and Autumn’s cute card too! So much fun!

  2. woot woot to everyone!!!

    That m is hilarious…she’s going to do just fine out there in the “business world”…she’s already delegating work..cracks me up.

  3. Thank you so much for choosing Autumn’s card! She was so excited to check your blog and see that she had won! Thanks so much for envolving the kids too! 🙂

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