Freebie: Fashionista and Disaster House!

Well, our house is still a disaster. The tree is up but that’s about it. On top of that everybody but M is sick (I’m not sure how this happens since it’s usually her giving us the cooties). We haven’t been sleeping and eating well during our Thanksgiving break. We don’t have a weird diet but we eat well (well doesn’t mean expensive, well means fresh ingredients to us). Pizza night takes 2 hrs to prep because I have to get the dough going, spaghetti takes a few hours too because I have to make the sauce, and so forth. Veggies are either fresh or frozen and we don’t overcook them. To me that’s just how cooking should be. I’m from Indonesia where you grocery shop almost everyday and herbs are abundant and fresh. Cooking is a way of life and that’s what moms and girls do everyday. Most everybody I know back home is a foodie. My husband I had to train. The guy who use to eat cold soup out of a Campbell can now loves freshly prepared meals.

Last week the only fresh thing we ate were the tortilla soup (it’s my own recipe… I should write it down next time and share) and sauteed green beans.

On sleeping… we have a sleep number and so we kind of got used to that although if we have the extra money I wouldn’t mind getting rid of it and get us an organic bed. That thing seems divine!

I don’t have a card to share today but I have this sentiment that I made a while back for an Embellish challenge. It was the all pink one with a nice pair of hot pink wedding shoes that Ashley Newell shot. I didn’t do the challenge. I never got the time to sit down and actually make a card to go with the sentiment. I might make something one day but for now, I hope you find more use to it {::SMILE}.

To download, just right click on the images below and save image to your computer. The second file with just “fashionista” will give you a bit of freedom to add your own text. You can do this in Word even. If you want to know how to do this in Word or how to recolor the image go to my tutorials in the card/hybrid tut section. I have two files here. Have fun!

hb fashionista


4 thoughts on “Freebie: Fashionista and Disaster House!

  1. Sorry to hear you are not well–get well quick! I almost always get sick after traveling so I can empathize. Thanks for the freebie and I can’t resist asking what number are you? We have a Sleep Number as well…I am a 45 and my hubby is a 65.

  2. Gosh, our place was a mess before we left for NYC, we cleaned it just before we left, gosh, felt like a brand new place, haha. so I know what you mean by a messy home. Hope yer fam recovers soon! Thanks for the freebie, by some miraculous reason Scott bought ink for the printer, yey!

    Clouds 😀

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