Photo Tut: The Manual

Hey folks, it’s me again and this time I’m going to be writing about… photography! As you know I’m no pro but I LOVE LOVE LOVE to take pictures and read + learn whatever I can to make my photos better. I’m going to start sharing my knowledge in hopes that it’ll help you too. I’ve gotten some emails on this topic… how-to do something with the camera/software or which camera to buy and stuff. Then lately I’ve been seeing blog posts asking how to take better pictures for their cards and families.

There’s probably already something out there but hey, why not, right? Knowledge I think should be shared and the more places you can get them the better. Some posts I might just do a summary and links to more details info — there are tons out there from professionals and my Google Reader is full of information on photography. For my photo posts, I’m going to go from a blogger and scrapbooker point of few. My main interest and passion is portraits and family events/moments… as you can tell from my family photos… but later after we move I might go into landscape and travel photography too. We’ll see… Just keep in mind that I’m not a pro. I’m just sharing the info I’ve received this semester from my class, other sites and forum, and my few years of using an SLR camera. Maybe by doing this I’ll be motivated to keep learning too or get a tip or two from you who are more experienced than I am in this field! Just look at my photo posts to be a place to get info, whether it’s from me or from other sites that I’ll share with you in that topic. Here I go…

Step one. If you have a camera go dig out your manual and learn about your camera. This whole semester of taking photography class this is the one thing that my instructor kept harping us about: READ YOUR MANUAL! By reading the manual you’ll be able to be a better photographer. How can you follow a tutorial if you don’t know where on your camera the button is? Every camera is different and that’s why it’s important to know yours via reading the manual.

K, so that was lame, huh? But seriously, go find your manual and read about it and next time I’ll share more (maybe more exciting) photography info.


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