M’s Sketch #4

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Hey, M got motivated and made us another (HAAAAAAARD) sketch. Ok, it was hard for me for her, she just whipped her card right out after she did her sketch. Now, the weather has been dreary here and since I work during the day I’ve been having a hard time taking good pictures. So this will do. M was also not feeling too hot this morning. She said her tummy kind of hurts and so that’s why her face looked so sad (I cannot stand her sad face… she always gets me with it or her little pouty lips… I just want to give her whatever she asked but I always have to be tough).

Ok, so here’s the sketch…

M's Sketch #4

M’s card is her usual minimalist style. She used a marker for the lines. I love her buttons. The colors are great against the dark card stock (Dawn McVey, if you’re reading this, she LOVES the card stock you gave her)!

M's Card Sketch #4

My card… I combined M’s sketch with Embellish’s color challenge: red, yellow, blue, and green. Talk about primary colors!! I thought it’d be tough but I had fun with the colors. I actually used different shades of the four colors to make this card. I have all sorts of blue, green and yellow. The only color that’s consistent is the red and white. I think that’s the fun part of colors you can change it around a bit and still stay within the challenge requirement. Ash also wants us to add some brads. Well, I did and uhm I had to fight with my Crop-a-Dile cause I can’t remember when I used it last. I even did some dry embossing with the COD… not straight (look to the right of the stitches) but I did it.

Mom's Card M's Sketch #4

And the prize for the little crafter this week…

Prize Sketch #4

And for you big crafter… This week’s sponsor is Krystal Hartley (click on her name, it’ll take you to her blog with some AWESOME freebies <– there’s a freebies link on the right!) from Sweet Shoppe Designs. Krystal’s an amazing designer and she’s got four pages of goodness in her store! Here’s a bit about her:

“Krystal has been designing digital scrapbook products for just over two years, but she has many years of paper and hybrid experience, including various design teams and published projects. She loves collecting stamps, inks, tools, and more and loves to combine them with her digital obsession to create beautiful keepsakes and gifts. Krystal lives with her husband and two kids near Dallas, TX.”

This week’s winner will receive a $10 gift certificate to her store. How sweet is that? For you paper crafters, this will be a great way to try out a digital/hybrid kit to either print for a card or use Gimp or even Photoshop to create a digital page.

Krystal Hartley

Check out some of her digital stamps too:

Krystal Hartley Stamps

Okie dokie, can’t wait to see what you gals create with her sketch! Do encourage your little ones to craft with you. It does the brain good AND it’ll be a nice mommy and him/her time too. Trust me {::SMILES}.

18 thoughts on “M’s Sketch #4

  1. cute, cute, cute…can’t wait to play…I was going to enter my crafty space in the last contest but didn’t have time to spiffy it up a smidge:)

  2. Yay for another sketch! So fun! You did go bright with the Embellish challenge! And I love it! Yay for pom poms! 🙂

    M – I sure hope your tummy is feeling better, sweety. Ask your mama for some nice and warm chicken noodle soup. 🙂

    When is Baby J going to start sketching? Lol…


  3. Gorgeous cards Ladies…:)TFIX
    Hope your feeling a lot better soon `M`:)xxxxxxxxxx
    Hope to join in with Mason this time…..
    Have a fab Wednesday (((hugs)))x

  4. how cute! great sketch..and to make your momma have to work…good for you M!! i’m hoping to get to play along…beautiful stuff girls!!

  5. This was my son Brighton’s first challenge of any sort. He had fun. I hope you don’t mind us posting to your Mr. Linky – my son either didn’t quite grasp the concept of a sketch challenge or just got an idea in his head and took the card in a different direction. He’s not playing for a prize (I didn’t even tell him you had one, though it’s certainly generous of you to offer one) – just for the fun of participating.

    I almost didn’t link back to you because the card was so far off, but your comment on my blog totally made my day (I’m a bit of a fangirl), so here we are. Thanks a bunch!

  6. Savitri… First… Little M is just gorgeous!! Everytime I see her picture… I just think… wow… what a gorgeous little lady! Second… her card is adorable and I LOVE your card… love those fun colors!!

    Now… Thank you Thank you for your suggestions as far as photography, etc! I will have to check out the link you left me. I read the post below this and that is probably my first step… read that silly manual! I use to keep it out so I would take the time to sit and read it. After about a year… I finally decided to put it away! 🙂 I have a Nikon D50 SLR. I am not sure about the lens’. I have two .. the one that came with it and another longer lens that I had with my Film Nikon SLR. Naomi gave me a great suggestion for a lens to use in low light! Thank you again so much for taking the time to give me all of that info. That was very sweet of you and I very much appreciate it! I think it is great that you get to take photography classes for free… that would be awesome!!

  7. LOVE M’s card…and your’s isn’t so bad either. ;o) Seriously, it’s like a little masterpiece! Love all of the textures and colors, yet it still maintains balance!

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