Happy Belated B-Day

To my blog. I totally forgot until Friday night. Bad blog owner! So to my blog-o, happy 2-yrs! It’s been swell and I’m hoping for at least a couple more good years. Last Friday these were my stats: 620 posts, 5,378 comments, 460+ Feedburner subscribers, and 188,406 views. I am amazed! The best part of blogging though… making friends. Yeah I’ve only met one in person but I feel like I know some of you more than a lot of my real life acquaintances and friends. It’s wonderful!! Thank you so much for visiting!!

I’ll do some celebrating in the next post or two. I really wasn’t and still not prepared. Or maybe it’s just me. I’m like this with my own birthday… I’ll share on the day or the day after {::SMILES}.

Ok… I have a card… it’s not a belated birthday card. It’s a new year card. The sentiment I made myself and the paper’s by Kelly Mickus from the DigiChick: Beginnings.

Beginnings Kelly Mickus

Pretty kit, huh? Kelly’s one of my favorite paper designer at TDC. There are a couple other new sets that I love. You should check them out!!

Happy New Year

Okie doke, this is it for now. I really need to go to bed. My eyes have been hurting lately – so tired even though physically I feel fine. I think, if I can do it with my eyes closed I’d be able to run a few miles and not be tired. Just my eyes feel soooo sleepy. Laters!


12 thoughts on “Happy Belated B-Day

  1. Happy blog-birthday 🙂 I don’t even know when my blog-birthday is. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to M for picking me as one of her favorites. She’s so cute! I can’t wait for her next challenge.

    Back on topic though.. your blog is one of my favorites to visit. First it was Kristina Werner’s blogs that I checked everyday.. sometimes multiple times a day and now I do the same with yours! Keep up the great blog and challenges. I always look forward to your creations 🙂

  2. Hey happy blog-o-versary!!!!!

    Such a pretty card…love it..the colors are so fun…I use your ‘happy’ as my desk top wallpaper:) Yeah, you’ll be seeing a card using it:)

  3. happy 2nd birthday!!! i love your blog and i feel like i’ve known you for so long even though we have never met!!! isnt that cool!!!

    that paper is so awesome. i need to start doing hybrid cards…its great for the earth!!! use only what you need.

  4. Happy Blog Birthday, Savitri! 🙂 Love your card too – the patterns you put together go so well. I like the idea of printing out your own pp – I might have to try it out and see how it goes sometime… then (like Naomi also said), I just only print what I’m going to use, instead of having stacks of paper left over, or needing to be used, for that matter!

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