M’s Sketch Challenge #3 Winner

Wow, sorry for the delay. This week’s just been hectic and I haven’t had a good chance to sit on the Mac to put the photos together for the round-up and winners.   M LOVES all your submissions and she gets so excited when she sees each one of your work. She wishes she can write more but right now her one little sentence is all she can do. We did talk about “love” and “cute” so hopefully next time she’ll remember to write them correctly. Teaching a kid how to write is so hard, especially for words like “pretty”. The “y” at the end sounds like an “e” and what about the two “t’s”?

Without further delays here are her big crafter favorites:


Winter | Quirky | Maria | Laurel | Susan
Marlene | Janet | Jaded | Beth | Melissa

And the winners are:

Maria – Check out Maria’s post for this card and find out who’s little hand was on this card!


Syd – if you haven’t done so, go to Syd’s post and read her cute little post. She took the picture and wrote the post all by herself!! If Sarah and I lived closer us four would have a great time together I think.

Syd's Card

Congrats, ladies!!! I’ll get your gifty ready and I’ll email you when I get the info from the Cutting Cafe!

Mama’s favorite… I deserve to pick a favorite after doing all this stuff for my daughter, right?

Beth Matson! Wow, love the colors and cute design!! The stamps are adorable too!!!


Thanks everybody for playing!!!! Stay tuned for the next challenge. M’s thinking about it — very hard too — she wants something different and mom’s input is not worth anything (sad me!). So we’ll see. My kid’s always stubborn that way, has to do it on her own. Prizes… oh we’ve got some awesome ones for you!!!!! You got to play!!

11 thoughts on “M’s Sketch Challenge #3 Winner

  1. Yay! I’m going to wake Syd up RIGHT now! Congrats everyone! And I agree with you Savitri… Beth’s card is SO CUTE! Thanks so much Emma! I’ll be back w/Syd’s comment once she’s wiped the sleep out of her eyes! Ha ha!

  2. M –
    Thanks so much for the fun sketch and for picking my card as a favorite! Can’t wait to see what your next challenge will be.

    Savatri –
    I feel so honored that my card was your favorite.

  3. oh, my my! Thanks Savitri, my card is selected as the top 10 in your list of M’s 3rd Sketch Challenge!! I am so inspired now and my confidence is getting more build-up and think constructively!! I was a bit late to know but never too late to improve!! Thanks again Savitri!!
    Emma! Love you!!


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