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Butterfly Kisses

More yellow! I picked… or more exact M… this October Afternoon 8×8 pad at the CKC expo last month. We split the pad in two between us girl (yikes, if Jovie likes to paper craft too we’ll have to figure out how to split stuff like this into three!). I let M pick a paper pack because I got her an 8×8 album that day. She’s been scrapping happily since. I’ll have to show you her pages one day. As for me… I’ve been hoarding my half until now. It’s a pretty simple card. Just cardstock mostly. I LOVE the SU butterfly die. I think it’s one of my favorite template. Do you notice the purple? I kind of like a little bit of it here. I think the color combo’s kind of fun.The sentiment’s my good ol handwriting.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned! We do!! Luncheon in the city with friends, couple’s counseling (or that’s what we’re calling it now… I have no idea really what the heck we’re going to), and picking up food for some Thanksgiving basket hubby’s putting together at work. The couple’s counseling deal… my friend has been asking (how many times now for the last year or more) to go to this Landmark intro forum. So we’re finally going. The reason why we’re calling it couple’s counseling is because there will be a few other married couples that we know who will be there. My friend loves it. I guess it’s helped her quite a bit and she wants to share the love. For sure we’re not going to register for the actual seminar. First we have no time and second it’s kind of expensive.

Now, the luncheon will be great but one of the best part of tomorrow is me picking up a lens from somebody in the Kansas City area. It’s a used Tamron 17-50mm. If you’re into dSLR you probably know the 17-55 Canon/Nikon is an awesome pro lens. BUT, it’s also $1300. I thought of getting one used for around $1000 but later I found out that it’s 5lbs! Eeek! I need a walk around lens and with two kids and who knows what’s in my bag, I can’t afford another 5lbs. Lately I’ve been semi-active at Photo.Net and these folks have helped me so much in finding the best lens for me and what to look for when buying used. So this Tammy will be my walk around lens. It’s pretty fast at f/2.8 and suppose to be as sharp as the Nikon (if you get a good copy… and from the looks of it the one I’m picking up is). The other lens I’ve been waiting to be available is the Tokina 11-16mm from B&H/Adorama. If you want an ultra wide angle, this is THE lens to get. That’s why it keeps going on back-order. Hopefully by May I’ll be able to get this baby. It’ll be awesome to have when traveling in Europe! My other wish list… 35mm f/1.8, 50mm f/1.4, 85mm f/1.8 (the 1.4 is sweet but so expensive!), a classic 105mm AI(s) f/2.5 — it’s a manual lens from before I was born. If I decide to make money out of photography, I’ll be getting the 17-55mm and 70-200mm (or 80-200mm if I can handle no VR). As you can see I love prime lenses. The only one I have now is a 50mm f/1.8. You really don’t need a lot of lens. You just need a few good ones and master them. I like fast lenses and for me who loves portraits they are awesome (85mm + 70-200/70-800mm are awesome for portraits with the 105 being THE portrait lens back in the film days).

7 thoughts on “TGIF + Lens Stuff

  1. First of all… I LOVE your card! When are you going to do that “create your own font” thing. I saw that somewhere on the internet… Then we could all use it! 🙂 LOL I’d pay!

    And secondly… some day, I hope to know what the heck all those lenses are and what all that meant so I can be an awesome photographer like you! 🙂 Lol!

  2. oooh! luv it Savitri! The yellow polka dot paper is awesome! I got the same paper from my SC kit, but only I only got 1, hehe. Cute butterflies, I think ima get the butterfly dies from SU! I’m sold on them now 😀 Looks like a fun packed wkend!

    Clouds 😀

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