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Lonely Owl

What?!?!? No, I didn’t find a new guy (although I did tell hubby if Brad Pitt ever ask me out I’d have to say yes… hubby said fine as long as Angie goes out with him, ha! In a million years, right?). But yesterday hubby and his friend went to Applebees. The line was long cause vets get to eat free. I think hubby said it was about a 40 min. wait. So him and his friend went to Lowes – we needed a few things. They thought that if they come back at 1p, the lunch line will be done with. Wrong. The line was still there when they got back at 1p. Anyhow, just as hubby was walking up to put his name on the list he saw the hostess walking up and down looking for Carr, party of two. Just as she was about to give up hubby raised his finger, she noticed, and she said: Carr party of two? And hubby confidently said: Yup, Carr party of two, him (pointing to his friend) and me. So, a minute after they walked in they got sitted.

That’s my husband for you.

So check out my card… Look at that yellow! It’s my favorite color that yellow!!! That’s probably why I’ve been wanting a yellow coat, purse, shoes, etc. Yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow. I them kind of mustard too. Puuurdy he he he… This little card contributed to my messy room the other day. I was going to submit this to Card’s magazine woodgrain call but I don’t think it’s quit magazine quality. Granted I never know what exactly they want.

The woodgrain I got from Studio Calico last year. The owl is Sassafrass, the sentiment is PTI and the leave I traced from an SU cardstock and shorten the stem a bit. To adher everything I used my yards of dimensionals. Speaking of… I need those non-stick scissors! My dimensionals are really sticky and after I cut dimensionals I have to clean my scissors really well before I cut a ribbon. If not they wont’ cut well. Just one more thing to buy, huh?

I did clean up my room a tad bit. Not much though, but enough to be able to walk in there without tripping. I need to vacuum. Oh, speaking of, hubby’s so sweet. He said the next house we own he’s going to make sure it has central vac. That way I can just suck away my mess easier. I think though it’s mostly for him. Hubby’s a bit OCD. Our downstairs is pretty tidy on most days. We can have unexpected guest anytime really. But my room he doesn’t even enter unless he has too. He’s afraid he he he…

Ok, I’m just rambling… laters!

8 thoughts on “I Am Ms. Carr

  1. Hey Ms.Carr! 🙂 We want a central vac. in our new house too! And the non-stick scissors, mine still seem sticky! I have scissors just for cutting ribbon and not paper, that seems to work better! 🙂

  2. Your card is `Gorgeous` You cant beat a bit of mustard!!love it….I think it`s certainly worth submitting!!!
    `Thanks` for the tips on the photography side!!!!much appreciated for sure!!!!!:):):):)`Ms Carr` ha ha…lol…

  3. sweet! I really love the SC background stamp, and loved how you used it! The owl is so cute, awesome use of colors Ms. Carr 😀 I never thought of taking someone else’s reservation, should try it some time, hehe. What a great idea.

    Clouds 😀

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