VOTE: Messiest Desk/Room!

Okie dokie, we have the contestants for the messiest desk/room. I have a little glimpse of what they submitted but do click on their names below the photos to get a better glimpse of their oh so messy room and then vote. Contestants, post this contest on your blogs and ask your blog friends to vote for you. The contest ends this Saturday at midnight and so get those votes in!!! The winner will win a $5 gift card to Amazon’s mp3 download store — well it’s a general GC I think and so technically you can buy other stuff instead of songs. There are cool Christmas tunes deal {::SMILE}. Ok… get voting!!

Messiest Room

  1. Ashley Nguyen Newell
  2. Marlene
  3. Giovana
  4. Melissa
  5. Michelle T
  6. Jaded One

And here’s my room (it was dark and so had to use my flash – photo are kind of rough) just a bit ago. My room is never like this. Usually it’s just the desk that’s crazy. Last night I got motivated to submit to Cards mag. Motivation meant nothing though when you’ve got no mojo. So I did submit and we’ll just see. The first time I submitted I got lucky. The first and only card got accepted. Then I submitted a scrapbook page. Somehow they really liked my page and the editor emailed me a month or so later asking if I have any more pages I’d like to have published. So I emailed them a few and two more were accepted. So this is actually my first attempt at trying. We’ll see. I think I work better when I have no huge goals. There’s less pressure. The card I made last night seemed emotionless. Dunno, felt like something was missing and it was nothing new. I just grabbed a little bit of this and that from other cards I’ve made. Anyhow, here’s my room…

Messy Desk

Messy Floor

And the Dog

12 thoughts on “VOTE: Messiest Desk/Room!

  1. Gosh, yer room IS messy, hehe. And Scott thought my ‘craft area’ was a mess, I think I’ll show him your messy room photos to show him mine is not that bad, haha. No seriously, he is constantly telling me to clean my area, poor guy.

    -C 😀

  2. Dang girl…you better go clean up your room right now young lady..LOL…I love this…makes me feel not so bad about the tornado that constantly goes through my crafty area…I guess I’m calling myself a tornado…

  3. Oh my goodness, too funny! I’m so glad I am not alone. When I am so busy I don’t have time to clean up after a project like I used to, so my room looks pretty bad too.

  4. The messiest room is mine after I went to a lecture yesterday and my dog destroyed/ate like half my flat. It is too depressing, so I won’t share pictures. [There was puke involved.] But I like yours with the dog in between 🙂

  5. ha ha fabulous!!!
    `Creative Clutter` AS I Like to call mine!!!!
    Dog looks as snug as a bug in a rug !!!!!

    Yah way to go with your `Pubs` your a true talent TFI
    Isnt it great to see the babies growing bless little `Jovie`…
    our Freya rolls over just the same and gets stuck….lifts her head for a while as though to say `Arnt you going to help me`….
    (We do of course but it`s just that waiting period to see hat they are capable of doing`

    Hope to join your next Challenge
    Enjoy your Thursday:)xxx

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